Lauren & Jacob Norman | Peaceful Oaks Bed & Breakfast, Medina, TN | April 16, 2016

Ryan Clay with Lauren & Jacob Newman On April 16th, Lauren and Jacob celebrated their wedding day at Peaceful Oaks Bed & Breakfast in Medina, TN, and venue that embodies all of the charm and rustic nature that the South has to offer. During their planning process, Lauren's communication with us was very minimal, and that is because she is extremely pragmatic and organized. These are two aspects of her personality that served her very well in the days leading up to her wedding. And according to her DJ, Ryan Clay, it was one of the best weddings he has done in his entire career with DeepBlu! Their ceremony was held out in the lush lawn of Peaceful Oaks, and it was made extra special by her fri

Roglly & Justin Berthelot | The Atrium at Overton Square | April 16, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Roglly & Justin Berthelot at The Atrium Overton Square - Midtown Memphis Our Downtown Memphis friends, Roglly & Justin Berthelot, got married at the amazing Atrium at Overton Square on April 16th, and what a party they had! Roglly said from the start that she had told her family and friends that her wedding day was going to be a big party, so attention to detail was key. Also since they were going to have very diverse musical styles represented that night, their DJ had to be on his game. Choosing Justin Jaggers for the task was a no-brainer. In his words, “This event was so much fun. They were a great crowd that loved Latin music and contemporary pop music. They danced th

Samantha & Tyler Boykin | Balinese Ballroom | April 8, 2016

Jimmy with Samantha & Tyler Boykin - Memphis, TN I first met with Samantha with her wedding planner, Kelsey Migliore with Kelsey Morgan Event Styling, and they both were very adamant about making sure that everything would be flawless and fun for this special day! Since Samantha was wise enough to employ a wedding planner, I knew it would be a great night! Held at the Balinese Ballroom downtown, both levels were decked out lavishly! Kelsey was amazing to plan with – always on top of every communication and made sure that things were clearly mapped out and planned according to Samantha's wishes. Of course, she did a splendid job because their wedding was elegant, fun and designed quite nicely

Stephen & Gabby Nelson | Balinese Ballroom | April 2, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Gabby & Stephen Nelson - Downtown Memphis, TN Stephen had a very pragmatic approach to his wedding day. When he first contacted us, he got right down to business and everything was secured. All of this was possible because of the kind words and referral from our friends Jenn and Ben from Snap Happy Photography, who also took care of Stephen and Gabby's wedding day photography. This day was full of activity and their choice of venue really facilitates a lot of activity with the way that it is laid out. The Balinese Ballroom, with its upstairs and downstairs rooms, just makes you want to move. Plus, with the way that Jared Stanfield works his crowd, he does what he can to

Amy & Chris Wolford | Carahills II | March 26, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Amy & Chris Wolford - Memphis, TN Amy and Chris enjoyed their wedding day's festivities at Carahills II in Arlington on March 26th. The day was highly anticipated by Amy & Chris, and careful planning was the secret sauce. Amy was always on top of things from day one! Jared Stanfield was the DJ that was chosen for their big day, and he had some thoughts to share of his own: “From the very beginning, it was clear how special Chris and Amy’s big day was, not only to them, but to everyone else involved, back-lit by sunlight on a warm spring day. The ceremony was filled with music from a romantic string trio when they sealed their vows. Following the ceremony, the reception i

Lenzie & David Denzin | Maple Grove Farm | April 2, 2016

Blake Brady with Lenzie & David Denzin When your wedding planner jumps in on the dance floor, you know it's a good night! That was just one of the highlights at Lenzie and David's wedding on Saturday, April 2nd! Their wedding was held at one of this area's favorite countryside venues, Maple Grove Farm. Right outside of Memphis in Collierville, TN, it was the ideal place for their wedding day! DeepBlu's Blake Brady was their DJ for the evening, and he said that Lenzie and David were both very nice and welcoming – just like their guests. These two were also wise enough to recruit the assistance of the area's well-loved and respected wedding planning duo, Becky and Dianne with Bride Savers. Bot

Stephanie & Brett Dunigan | Lichterman Nature Center | March 26, 2016

Jimmy with Stephanie & Brett Dunigan This was one of those weddings that will go down in history for many reasons. For one, Stephanie and Brett were married in August of 2013 and held this secret close to their hearts until this beautiful day in March of 2016. Since they had already tied the knot, they asked me to be their ceremony minister, and I gladly accepted the challenge, and I was the one to break the news to their families and friends. But honestly, these two are so cool, it wasn't much of a challenge ;) Not only was the weather perfect, their guests were very nice, and their choices of wedding vendors were some of the best! My friends Michael and Mary Kate of Lynn Doyle Flowers & Ev

Genre and Ashley Bone | Annesdale Mansion | March 25, 2016

Genre & Ashley Bone in the garden of Annesdale Mansion Two of the most colorful characters I have met in a long time were married on March 25th at Annesdale Mansion with their friends and families in attendance. It was easy to predict that there would not be a single dull moment at this particular event, especially with the full spectrum of personalities that Genre and Ashley both have. These are two delightful people with an immeasurable amount of love for each other. Also it was hard to find anyone there that night that didn't love these two like family, even if they weren't actual members of their families. The love that these two have for each other is almost reckless. I cannot think of

Leslie & Chris Luss | The Quonset | March 24, 2016

Jimmy with Leslie & Chris Luss Leslie and Chris chose The Quonset in Collierville for their wedding reception on March 24th, and with all things considered, it was the perfect venue for the evening's festivities! I had the honor of entertaining them at their reception due to their wedding planner, Vanessa Roc-Cantave with Varoca Weddings from Boynton Beach, Florida, reaching out to us. Vanessa had a very hands-on approach to their wedding, closely communicating all of their needs and specifics from day one. She was easily reachable every step of the way, and as we all know, that is a MUST when you are planning a wedding. We had guests attending from all over the country with all kinds of mus

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