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Katie & Joe Cook - Spring Creek Ranch November 21, 2015

Jimmy Harris with Joe and Katie Cook

All stars were aligned Saturday night at our "home away from home" - Spring Creek Ranch. Katie and Joe were two edxtremely nicce and gracious people who let me be a part of their wedding day, and I am so happy that they did!

We had a very cold night to deal with, but it did not hamper our celebration one tiny bit. This crowd of folks was full of life and lots of energy, and they enjoyed themsleves all night long!

At one point in the evening, Joe came up to me and dropped a bomb shell on me - he told me that he had not yet told Katie where they were spending their honeymoon, and he asked for me to announce it for him. When I told Katie that they were honeymooning in the Dominican Republic, every guest applauded them and high fives were exchanged between Katie and Joe (that was pretty cool). She was flush with excitement and rightfully so!

I can't say enough about how much fun it was Saturday, and it was even better to be able to work with some good friends as well. Other vendors that helped make it superb were Jack Barre, Justin Croninger, and Josh Gilmore of Message In A Bottle Productions, photographer Cindy Thymius, Lynn Doyle Flowers, make up artist Kasey Acuff, Mahaffey Tents, Hot Shots Photo Booth and Frost Bake Shop! Not to ever forget about our GREAT friends Toni Williams, Tia Freeman and staff at Spring Creek ;)

Big night with some big smiles! Thank to Katie and Joe for allowing me to help your wedding day be more magical!

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