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Shane Garner Graduation Party | No. 2 Vance | December 11, 2015

Shane and friends singing karaoke

Friday night was a big night for Shane. This was his celebration for graduating from the mighty U of M, and he was joined by his close friends and family to join him! Shane did it right, too. He chose the perfect venue for it - No. 2 Vance.

We enjoyed some great music and even had some pretty impressive singers to join in on the karaoke. These folks were not shy in the least, and they made sure that Shane had the best time he could possibly have! We even had one guest that will be featured on The Voice. Pretty impressive guest list to say the least :)

Thanks so much to Ms. Kitty at No. 2 Vance for being so gracious and welcoming, to Corky's Catering for providing the amazing food (those were some of the best sliders I have ever had!). To Shane, Robert, Aubrey and the rest of the crew, thank you for making me feel welcome and for allowing me to be a part of your big party!

Best wishes to you all in your future endeavors, and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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