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Erin & Donny Lawson | Memphis Brooks Museum of Art | April 30, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Erin & Donny Lawson - Brooks Museum of Art - Memphis, TN

Everyone has a circle of friends, and everyone has a couple within their circle of friends that is always on fire with excitement and happiness. You know - that couple that's smiling, laughing and loves to cut up all the time? Well if you are friends with Erin & Donny, then THEY are that couple.

Erin and Donny wore their fiery personalities on their sleeves on their wedding day this past weekend and it was nothing short of infectious! They love music so much that they wanted to make sure that every room in their venue was full of music and visual delights. Since the Brooks Museum is a venue that has lots of rooms to spare, it was the ideal place to host their big day!

We started the evening with a wonderful ceremony in Brooks' holly court. They enhanced their wedding day experience with a string ensemble, which played some great music including music from the original Star Wars movie. Even their officiant was a real character! He shared some funny stories of Erin and Donny as their relationship grew and blossomed, and their guests laughed and smiled along with them. Definitely a great way to start the evening!

We moved into the Brooks rotunda where their bridal party was introduced, followed by their official introduction. Dinner was a lovely and tasty spread provided by Simply Delicious Catering, our friend Matt Lynn of Lynn Productions and his crew made sure to capture every fun moment on film, and long time DeepBlu Entertainment photographer colleagues Amy & Ed Hutchinson of Amy Hutchinson Photography completed the amazing team of wedding professionals. When you have a team this well put together, there is nothing but "amazing" that comes out of it!

Everyone danced, laughed and enjoyed every second of the evening as if it was to be the last party on Earth! I have to say, it was a busy weekend for me but I got so caught up in the energy that was emanating off our crowd I never even thought about the sore muscles in my arms haha.

So THANK YOU to Erin and Donny for being such a great couple to work with! You both are perfect for each other and your team of wedding pros that you chose for your wedding day are perfect working partners as well! It was so much fun for us as well I assure ya ;)

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