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Kendra & Michael Kennedy | Cedar Hall | August 27, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Mr & Mrs Michael Kennedy - Cedar Hall

Summer weddings always have a certain vibe to them. This vibe always follows the excitement of the freedom that you feel during the summer months, the vibrant colors and aromas of the flowers (and not just from the bouquets) and the heat that we all enjoy so much. This was a summer wedding that was made special by all of the people that came together to help make it as wonderful as possible. For Kendra and Michael, nothing short of the best was good enough for them, and that's what they got.

Jared Stanfield was their DJ on this awesome wedding day, and these two Mississippi State alums were able to enjoy some of the best moments in their lives - all in one day. Jared was joined by Elizabeth Looney on photo, Mad Lilly Cakery, Lynn Doyle Flowers & Events (we all know what they do best), make up by Matt Gossett, and our good friend, Carol Johnson of Cedar Hall, did her best to hold it all together with class.

With all of these great people making sure that this was to be the best day of Kendra and Michael's lives, it made it easy for each one just by knowing that everyone had everyone else's back. Congratuations to Mr & Mrs Kennedy! We wish you all the best!

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