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Kendall & Kevin Dewitt | Bartlett Municipal Center | September 24, 2016

Ryan Clay with Kendall & Kevin Dewitt - Bartlett Municipal Center

Kendall & Kevin’s Big Day

The 24th of September 2016 was a very special day for Kendall and Kevin Dewitt. It was their wedding day! Elizabeth Young once said, “And I knew exactly how old Walt Disney’s Cinderella felt when she found her prince”. Similar thoughts like this must have been in Kendall's mind on her special day. As Kendall and Kevin’s DJ, Ryan Clay had the amazing opportunity to witness their love story. Just like other weddings, days that lead up to their special moment were a little hectic. However, the Dewitts' wedding was not stressed as other events go. It began smoothly and ended like a fairy tale.

A True Moment

During the wedding reception, Ryan began with standard cocktail hour music. Since we spoke with the couple several days before the actual day, Ryan was able to create the perfect playlist with their favorites. The songs were ordered properly to suit every hour. Kevin and Kendall wanted the reception to begin with a traditional first dance, and as the first dance came to an end, the bride and her father did a choreographed routine, and everyone enjoyed it. Indeed, it was a true father-daughter moment.

Let Music Make the Day

All night, the dance floor was packed with enthusiastic guests. Requests for rock, pop and hip-pop tracks were coming round the clock. One of the best elements that everyone experienced at this wedding reception would be music.

All About the Wedding Reception

Kendall and Kevin are a perfect couple. Their wedding reception was planned with everything in mind. The wedding was hosted at a beautiful location – The Bartlett Station Municipal Center. Everyone involved with helping with their wedding planning was talented, committed and knew how to keep all the plans under wraps. Whether it be the wedding disc jockey, florist (Flowers by Regis), baker or photographer (Javen Photography), everyone was connected. The couple were very picky about who made their cake. That is why they opted for Frost Bake Shop. Everyone at the event could see the groom’s love for waffles since his groom’s cake was made to look like an actual Waffle House Restaurant. They even had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that were shaped like hearts.

An Act of Kindness

Both the bride and the groom appeared at every table and encouraged the guests to enjoy the meal, and guests were so happy that the wedding went over so smoothly. Ryan had said that Kendall & Kevin’s affair was so incredibly fun and easy for him that the entire event ended too soon! All the guests were cheerful and felt complimentary with Ryan about his performance at the occasion. It was a wedding to be rejoiced and remembered for a lifetime.

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