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The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Tara & Nathan Nabors | Cedar Hall | November 18, 2016

Tara & Nathan Nabors with DJ Jimmy Harris and coordinator Carol Johnson - Cedar Hall

From the very beginning, Nathan was so easy to work with. It was a great first-look into what we were going to get with this wedding day, and that's pretty much how it went - easy!

Nathan and Tara looked absolutely dashing in their formal attire! There were audible "oohs and aahs" when Tara proceeded down the aisle during their ceremony, and it was all because of her show-stopping beauty (lucky the show didn't actually stop - this would have been a completely different blog post haha). Minister Darren Peterson delivered a wonderfully heartfelt ceremony while photographer Elizabeth Looney and videographer Shelby Wilson with 22 Magnolias captured each magic moment for a lifetime.

We seriously have to say something about their guests behavior upon entering the reception: each and every one of them stopped to sign in at the guest book, which is something that is rarely seen. It's almost as if they all watched a video on wedding reception etiquette before they came. It was jaw-dropping and quite a nice surprise actually. This was a good snapshot into what we expected of them during the reception. They were all very orderly, yet having as much fun as they could.

All of this would not have been possible without the help of our good friend, Carol Johnson of Cedar Hall, who held it all together just like she does so very well! L&J Productions rounded out the amazement with lovely flowers and of course Cedar Hall's catering services provided great cuisine for all of their guests!

Their DJ, Jimmy Harris, really enjoyed this wedding and had this to say:

"Everything from Dylan Scott to Pitbull was played tonight, and it was all very well-received. This crowd was very nice and responsive and even did the mannequin challenge in an orderly fashion. I was pleasantly surprised at how everything went so smoothly. I wouldn't mind doing it all over again!"

Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Nabors for an unforgettable experience! We will be watching you both grow and relish all of the good things that are to come for you!

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