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The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Sarah & Liam May | Cedar Hall | April 2, 2017

Rounding out one of the most beautiful weekends Memphis has seen in a while was a wedding that was attended by people from all over the world. Held at one of our favorite venues, Cedar Hall, Sarah & Liam May tied the knot with us and it was a very special wedding indeed!

First, we had our ceremony in the Cedar Hall Garden with our friend Father Ken Zelten officiating. Father Ken has a very mellow and touching delivery with his ceremonies, and this one was no different. Always concise yet thorough, Ken really makes you feel his words in your heart. For a ceremony, that element is just perfect! Not to mention the beautiful weather!

Immediately after the ceremony, guests made their way to the harden at the side of the mansion, where they enjoyed drinks and appetizers served by the Cedar Hall staff. Photographers Jenn and Ben Black of Snap Happy Photography were on hand to grab those special "after the ceremony" shots just before their reception kicked into full swing.

Guests then walked over to the stables where they had some delicious salads waiting for them just before dinner was served, which was a full seated dinner complete with entrees of salmon or steak. A wonderful complement to an already wonderfully elegant event. They even thought so highly of me that they gave me my own place at a reserved table (see pic below). After dinner, guests enjoyed their delicious cakes, made by Frost Bake Shop - even Liam got to live his super hero dreams vicariously through his official The Flash cake haha.

Even though we followed a standard wedding format, nothing about this day was standard. It was so special and fun, we all had a great time with great music and great guest interaction. Coordinator Kelly Inman held it all together and helped make things run extra smoothly - just like she always does!

Thanks to Mr & Mrs May for letting us take part in this wonderful day with them!

Entertainment Director Jimmy Harris with Sarah & Liam May

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