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Devin & Greg Rhode's big day at Cedar Hall - June 6, 2015

Talk about a couple of characters LOL. Devin and Greg really stood out with us from day one. Devin is sparky and full of life, and Greg is the cool guy with some serious swagger. These two are beyond perfect for each other!

Ryan Clay was their wedding DJ, and they wanted to have a great party, and that's what they got - in spades! Their wedding day was full of laughs and fun, and we had the opportunity to work with some exceptional wedding professionals as well. The Kenneys took care of the photography and provided the amazing shots you see here.

They danced, sang and enjoyed a great night of fun for everyone in attendance. They made the choice to allow us to be a part of their wedding day, and we are so happy that they did! To be instrumental in shaping memories that last a lifetime is an honor and a priviledge.

Thank you, Greg and Devin, for choosing us for your wedding day entertainment! Now go out there and enjoy that wedded bliss that you deserve. God bless you both!

**all photos here courtesy of The Kenneys - THANK YOU!!**

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