Suzanne & Curry Lee | 409 South Main Street | March 19, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Suzanne & Curry Lee The excitement that Suzanne and Curry had leading up to their wedding day was infectious. With every single communication, you could literally feel the joy radiating from Suzanne as we planned her wedding day's music and formalities. All she wanted was a fun time, and she got it! These two had a LOT of people at their reception, too. Every square inch of 409 South Main had someone's foot on it, and that made for a great party! Upstairs, downstairs, even the third level had guests mixing, mingling, talking and enjoying the evening with each other. I pulled out all the stops and created them one of the most original cocktail/dinner mixes I have ever perfor

Katherine & Lt. Chad Wheeley | Cedar Hall | March 4, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Katherine & Lt. Chad Wheeley Katherine's dad had mentioned something during her and Chad's wedding reception that really stuck with me. He said that when she was young she always excelled in everything and was always a great kid. If that's the case, she literally has not changed at all then. This lady is extremely sweet, incredibly intelligent, patient and kind. Even though she and Chad never even laid eyes on me until the day of their wedding, it did not stop them from planning everything wonderfully and making the whole wedding nice for their loved ones. Katherine and Lt. Wheeley chose Cedar Hall for their big day, and a great choice it was! Their ceremony was very nice w

Lauren & Adam Wilson | Heartwood Hall | March 19, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Lauren & Adam Wilson Well, it just looks like this is the year of “super duper crazy amazing” clients. First of all, Lauren was incredibly low-maintenance and always a delight to communicate with. She always so nice and really easy to get in touch with. It was a no-brainer that their wedding was going to be a treat. Lauren & Adam held their wedding at Heartwood Hall in Piperton, TN. One of our favorite venues since we all know each other so well out there, and the staff is super accommodating. There's not much more to say other than what Justin so eloquently stated: “This was easily one of my favorite events to DJ. The bridal party was ready to dance as soon as they got d

Stephanie & Jamie Harris | The Cadre Building | March 5, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Stephanie and Jamie Harris (photo courtesy of Rob Lyons Photography) Downtown Memphis has always been a hot spot for weddings. It's amazing being deep within the city's rich mix of eclectic music, art, people and of course the incredible architecture. One venue that has always been one of the most popular of the classics is the Cadre Building. This is where Stephanie and Jamie joined together as husband and wife with a room full of their closest friends and families. This setting was especially important to Stephanie, since she wanted to get married somewhere that would be memorable and was the perfect surrounding for the thousands of pictures that would be taken by their

Melynn & David Purser | Como, MS Art Gallery on Main Street | March 5, 2016

Jimmy with Melynn & David Purser On Saturday, March 5th at the art gallery on Main Street in Como, MS, Melynn and David Purser were married! It was a beautiful day with two amazing people :) Melynn had been a real “hands-on” kinda bride from day one! She was so into every little detail that you woulda sworn she was a wedding planner! Once all of the information came together, it became clear to me that she was doing most of the planning by herself. She did have support from other family members, like her sweet mom who was really on top of the day-of details, but for the most part she did it all with her own two hands. Not only was she particular about her details, she wanted to make her cere

Tiffany and Michael Adams | Hillwood at Davies Manor | February 27, 2016

DJ Jimmy Harris with Tiffany & Michael Adams This wedding was definitely a real treat for me. Not only were Tiffany and Michael two of the sweetest people you will ever meet, I got to see some old friends there as well! Last December, Tiffany and Michael tied the knot on the beach and filmed the entire ceremony, a film that we all enjoyed at the very beginning of their wedding celebration on February 27th at Hillwood. The way that Tiffany had it all planned out worked very very well: guests arrived and mixed and mingled for a bit, then I made the announcement that the ceremony was about to begin. Then we started the ceremony video. Michael sand to Tiffany as she walked down the aisle in the

Meagan & Trent Erwin | Heartwood Hall | February 27, 2016

DJ Jared Stanfield with Meagan and Trent Erwin Meagan always made sure that our lines of communication were open and the info was free-flowing. It made everything so easy for us to plan and execute one great wedding on February 27th at Heartwood Hall. They had a splendid ceremony complete with a guitar player and singers, and it was just out of this world! Of course, working at Heartwood is always a treat, and the good folks there make it easy to pull Meagan & Trent's wishes perfectly! Anderson Shore Photography was there to capture their special moments, BettsMade Florist made the beautiful arrangements, Kipp Cakes provided the (like we have to say haha), Lynn Productions filmed their speci

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