The PERFECT Wedding Day Experience - From a DJ's Point of View

A lot of the professionals in our industry like to focus on making every wedding day experience perfect for their clients. Of course, that is THE outcome that everyone tries to achieve. However, take a visit to the flip side and take a peek into your favorite wedding vendors' heads and get an idea of what THEIR perfect wedding day would be like. If you are a wedding DJ, your perfect day may look something like this: ________________________________________________________________________________ I pulled up to the venue this afternoon, and the load-in area was completely clear of all vehicles and personnel. I had either just missed someone loading in, or I got here just in time before the ne

Jessica & Carl Herron | Memphis Zoo's Teton Trek | December 19, 2015

Jimmy with Jessica & Carl Herron Jessica and Carl allowed me to end this year on a very high note! This past weekend at Teton Trek at the Memphis Zoo, we celebrated the union of this awesome couple, and they had a group of guests that were on fire with joy and a readiness to get down! Their ceremony was held inside Teton by the fireplace, which was a great backdrop for some photos, snapped by our friend Lizz Hoard of Lizz Hoard Photography, accompanied by her second and third shooters, Crystal Gray & Elizabeth Woody. Sami Sue Studios took care of the video side of things, and we all worked great together! Jessica's amazing bridal gown was provided by Ballew Bridal, their cuisine was provided

Tori & Jonathan Strahan | The Liberty Bowl | December 19, 2015

Tori & Jonathan Strahan with DJ Justin Jaggers Having WAAAAY too much fun they were :) Have you ever met, or do you know, someone that you would consider a “character”? You know, those people that walk into a room and everything stops, people that demand attention wherever they go, and those who generally are not comfortable unless there is some kind of action going on? If you were at Tori and Jonathan's wedding, I'm sure you saw quite a few – including the bride, groom AND their DJ, Justin Jaggers. Tori and Jonathan did not put any restraints on us at any time. It was quite the opposite. They wanted some certain songs in particular for certain things, but they pretty much left the rest up t

Jennifer & Alix Spencer | The Columns | December 13, 2015

Jimmy with Jennifer & Alix Spencer. Photo booth courtesy of The Hardin House Some people are music fans, some people are metal fans. Some people like it all! Jennifer & Alix fall into the latter category (with a respectful nod to the metal). These two amazing people have been together for ten years, and on December 12th they officially put an end to one journey and started a brand new one! Therefore, it was no surprise to ANYONE that they would make it all official. Due to the “big time” theme that they were trying to achieve, there was only one venue that fit their vision, and that was The Columns in downtown Memphis. Holly Hardin with Hardin House made sure that all of their magical ideas

Timmi & Brian Glimp | The Cadre Building | December 12, 2015

Jimmy Harris with Timmi & Brian Glimp Timmi and Brian went all out on their wedding celebration at the Cadre. They reached out to a wedding planner that is known for her lavish and exceptional wedding design: Angela Mazanti. It is clear to see from the picture included here that the Cadre Building was covered floor to ceiling with florals and accents that reflected Timmi & Brian's vision of an elegant wedding day! Their ceremony, held on the infamous Cadre staircase, was simply beautiful and very moving. Brian and Timmi both were very emotional, being caught up in the moment with what they were experiencing that night. So much joy between these two! Everyone there was primed and ready for a

Hannah Grace & Luke Davis | Heartwood Hall | December 12, 2015

Justin Jaggers with Hannah Grace & Luke Davis I met with Hannah Grace & Luke this past August, and we hit it off pretty well. From the start, they were a lot of fun and it was easy to see that their wedding day was going to be fun, too! Such a nice couple with a lot of ideas to bring to life! They enjoyed their wedding celebration at Heartwood Hall on December 12th, complete with a beautiful ceremony outside (the weather couldn't have been any better) and their reception followed in Heartwood's infamous barn. DeepBlu's DJ Justin Jaggers took care of their ceremony music and sound, and he followed it up with a superbly planned reception. So much great music to play (they had an excellent song

Lauren & Colby Taylor | Stonebridge Golf Club | December 12, 2015

Photo courtesy of Anna Key of Key Elements Lauren was just about as easy and efficient with planning for her wedding (our side of things anyway) as anyone could possibly have been. When she contacted us, it seemed she had already done her research, knew exactly what she wanted, and just got right down to it. And she got down at her wedding just as well :) Their ceremony was held at St. Francis early in the afternoon, and their reception was just down the street at Stonebridge Golf Club's deluxe grand ballroom. DeepBlu's DJ Jonathan Simpson made sure that everything was handled to the “T”. Jonathan said that he enjoyed the amount of response he was getting from their guests, and he felt that

Shane Garner Graduation Party | No. 2 Vance | December 11, 2015

Shane and friends singing karaoke Friday night was a big night for Shane. This was his celebration for graduating from the mighty U of M, and he was joined by his close friends and family to join him! Shane did it right, too. He chose the perfect venue for it - No. 2 Vance. We enjoyed some great music and even had some pretty impressive singers to join in on the karaoke. These folks were not shy in the least, and they made sure that Shane had the best time he could possibly have! We even had one guest that will be featured on The Voice. Pretty impressive guest list to say the least :) Thanks so much to Ms. Kitty at No. 2 Vance for being so gracious and welcoming, to Corky's Catering for prov

Amy & David Jurkovic | Heartwood Hall | November 28, 2015

Jimmy Harris with Amy & David Jurkovic Look at these two smiling faces. You just wanna hug 'em don't ya? Well, they are seriously THAT nice. Two fun people with one goal in mind - let's get MARRIED! Heartwood Hall was the place, and it was wonderful just as it always is out there. Both ceremony and reception were held in the barn and what a lovely ceremony it was! Amy's niece played "Edelweiss" as she walked down the aisle, which was a vey special moment indeed. Also, one of her past students sang the song "Hallelujah" aduring their ceremony nd changed the lyrics to fit their wedding day! It was a really clever idea that worked very well. They danced and laughed and had a great time, and it

Jessica & Isaac Lee | Clarion Hotel, West Memphis, AR | December 5, 2015

Jimmy Harris with Jessica & Isaac Lee Jessica and Isaac are two very cool folks. Jessica is the sweet, spunky country girl and Isaac is a smooth, stylish Northeastern native. These two came together and found love in the heart of the South and made it all official on December 5th! We enjoyed an intimate reception held at the Clarion Hotel in West Memphis, Arkansas, with their families and friends. It was a neat little affair complete with some sweet (literally) table decor. Jessica and Isaac's request list was very diverse with music ranging from country to clssic rock. One look at that list and you can tell that they are music fans (I caught Jessica singing along while she was eating dinner

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School Christmas Party | The Magnolia Room | December 7, 2015

Check out the picture above - that's what it looked like every minute that our guests weren't eating and mingling. Long story short, it was an AWESOME Christmas celebration! Our friends at St. Francis of Assissi Catholic School enjoyed a great time last night at the Magnolia Room in Midtown Memphis last night. We had a packed house full of happy partygoers that just danced and damced and danced. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School has a staff of some really great folks. All full of holiday cheer as they enjoyed fellowship and a full night of dancing and celebration. We were even lucky enough to enjoy a couple performances from Dennis, who was one of the best Elvis impersonators I had seen

Catherine & Kevin Sanders | November 14, 2015 | Peabody Hotel

DJ Jonathan Simpson with Mr. & Mrs. Sanders (photo courtesy of Rob Lyons Photography) Downtown Memphis' historic Peabody Hotel was the location of one great party! We got to celebrate the joyous occasion of Catherine and Kevin Sanders' wedding reception with them with some amazing guests. Not only did they pick a beautiful venue, they chose some of the best wedding professionals in town to boot - Rob Lyons of Rob Lyons Photography, Lynn Doyle Flowers & Events, and our beloved Amy Miller of Amy Miller Weddings (they were so smart to hire a planner - more on that in another blog post). It was great to see the anticipation build around Catherine and Kevin in the days leading up to their wedding

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