Erin & Jerry Lee Harris | Cedar Hall | May 14, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Erin & Jerry Lee Harris - Cedar Hall Erin and Jerry Lee chose Cedar Hall for their wedding because style and rustic charm was important to them, and this venue is one of the best for it! It was a lovely day with exceptional weather, and these two had the charm and joy to make it all come together wonderfully! They enjoyed a beautiful ceremony on the lawn at Cedar Hall followed by their reception in the stables with our own Jared Stanfield lighting up the night with his DJ skills. Jared said that their guests were very excited to be there and were very responsive to all of the music that he played that night - of course Erin and Jerry Lee made sure to include some their a

Mr & Mrs Henderson | Private Residence | May 14, 2016

Ryan Clay with Mr & Mrs Henderson | May 14, 2016 It's always a treat when we have the opportunity to entertain our brides and grooms at someone's private residence, since the scenery is new and the opportunity to create a unique experience is always a plus. That's exactly what we got with Mr & Mrs Henderson on May 14th. The smiles you see in the picture are the result of one wedding day going as smooth as silk forr these two! Their DJ was Ryan Clay, who is a master of taking any wedding reception and making it magical! Ashlee was very adamant about making sure that they and their guests had the best time possible, so the choice of Ryan as their DJ was the perfect fit! Ryan also had the pleas

Emily & Brian Constantino | Spring Creek Ranch | May 14, 2016

Jimmy with Emily & Brian Constantino | Spring Creek Ranch Another gorgeous day at Spring Creek Ranch to host a wedding on May 14th with two great people, Emily and Brian Constantino! These two were set and ready to go with a beautiful ceremony on the Spring Creek lawn followed by a reception to remember for a lifetime! Emily demanded only the best for their wedding day, which was made evident by their choices of vendors to round out their all-star list: Hot Shots Photo Booth, Cindy Thymius photography, Lynn Doyle Flowers and Mrs. Laura Jackson of the Flour Garden who provided their amazing cake! The weather was perfect and so was this whole wedding day! Their families and friends were very w

Aneta & Ryan Sweeney | Whispering Woods Hotel & Conference Center | May 14, 2016

Jeff Cowens with Aneta & Ryan Sweeney - Memphis, TN Aneta is one of the most music-conscious clients we have ever had. She told us from day one that music was THE most important part of her wedding day, and that's the reason she chose us to handle this extremely important role for her and Ryan. Aneta is originally from Poland where music is more than just something you listen to - it's a way of life. She said that music has always been an important part of her life, so naturally it was going to be so with her wedding day. When it came down to choosing a DJ for their reception, the obvious choice was Jeff Cowens. Jeff has a natural sense of taking even the most challenging events and turning

Janet & Keith Parker | Bonne Terre | May 14, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Janet & Keith Parker, Bonne Terre, Nesbit, MS Janet and Keith are two people that are pretty close to us, especially with Keith being employed with a company that uses us for their holiday events. Janet reached out to us first because of this and we are happy that they did! They enjoyed their wedding day at the beautiful Bonne Terre in Nesbit, MS, complete with an intimate ceremony in their wedding chapel followed by a really nice reception in the event center. Jonathan was their chosen DJ due to his keen familiarity with Bonne Terre as well as his innate talent for reading a crowd and a love for music with a more classic bent. Jon had the pleasure of working with photo

Lacie & William Cook | Propcellar | May 14, 2016

Lacie & William Cook at Propcellar, Memphis, TN (photo courtesy of Josh Looney with 3eight Photography) Lacie and William chose Propcellar for their wedding day, and that was a great choice of venue! They had plenty of room to accommodate their guests for dining dancing and all-around fun! They enjoyed both their ceremony and reception there, and it all went smoothly and beautifully! The DJ that was selected for their big day was our own Randel Locke, and he said that he had the place jumpin'. Lacie and William are two fun-locing folks who enjoy having a great time, and that's what they did (proof - the photo above). Randel said that it was great to work with Josh Looney of 3eight Photograph

Jennifer & Michael Parker | Cedar Hall | May 13, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Jennifer & Michael Parker - Cedar Hall - Memphis, TN Jennifer and Michael are two really special people. They are two of the nicest people you could ever want to meet, and they are simply perfect for each other! They enjoyed their wedding day at Cedar Hall and it was a nice day to do it! It is always nice to work with our good friend, Carol Johnson at Cedar Hall, and she always makes our job so easy! Their ceremony was held on the beautiful lawn at Cedar Hall, they enjoyed cocktails by the big house and everyone moved into the stables to kick off the reception. Everyone enjoyed some great food and dancing, and it seemed like every song was everyone's favorite song. A very e

Rachel & Logan Welch | Spring Creek Ranch | May 7, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Rachel & Logan Welch - Spring Creek Ranch - Collierville, TN Rachel and Logan chose Spring Creek Ranch for their wedding day because of its elegance and superb service that Toni and her staff bring every time! It was a great day to be married, too! Great weather and a great group of people to share in their "day one of the rest of their lives". They enjoyed their ceremony outside, complete with a guitar player and vocalists to enhance the beauty of their event, and their DJ, Jonathan Simpson, was chosen to take care of their wedding day because of his familiarity with the venue and his superb audio engineering skills - not to mention he's a pretty good DJ :) Our friends

Mr & Mrs Colin Wentworth | Lichterman Nature Center | May 7, 2016

Jeff Cowens with Mr & Mrs Colin Wentworth - Lichterman Nature Center - Memphis, TN Jeff Cowens, DeepBlu DJ extraodinaire, took care of entertaining Mr. & Mrs. Colin Wentworth's guests on May 7th at Lichterman Nature Center. A beautiful day for a beautiful wedding! Jeff said that it was one of the best weddings he's done thus far this year, and he told me that every guest there was tearing the dance floor up! From the looks on their faces in the picture above, that is definitely evident! Our friends Jenn and Ben Black with Snap Happy Photography were there to capture every special moment as well as the candid ones, and they are always wonderful to work with. Their flowers were done by our fri

Brandey & Dearl Pemberton | Crown Winery, Humboldt, TN | May 7, 2016

Blake Brady with Brandey & Dearl Pemberton - Crown Winery Blake said he had such a great time with Brandey and Dearl at Crown Winery on May 7th! This particular venue has that country charm that only it can provide. Their ceremony area, complete with an old tree that has as much character as any living creature on the planet makes for an excellent backdrop for pictures, and on this day those pictures were captured by our friend, Kevin Barre. Blake told me that their crowd was lively and charming, and it was a joy to be able to be a part of such a great wedding event! They even had Charm City Catering provide the fabulous cuisine, which just added to the overall appeal of the evening. We than

Monica & Kevin Campbell | Annesdale Mansion | May 7, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Monica and Kevin Campbell - Annesdale Mansion - Memphis, TN On May 7th, Monica and Kevin Campbell got married at the fabulous Annesdale Mansion on one beautiful day! It's always a treat to work with our friends Valerie Bledsoe and Angel Auricchio, because they make an awesome wedding day that much better! And with two great people like Monica and Kevin, it was destined to be a day to remember! Thei DJ, Jared Stanfield, was chosen to DJ their wedding, and he told me that the entire evening turned out to be one of the nicest weddings he has done. However, Jared always says that he enjoys his weddings because let's face it - the guy loves his job! Jared said that all of his

Amanda & Nick Welch | Memphis Botanic Gardens | May 7, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Amanda & Nick Welch - Memphis Botanic Gardens Amanda and Nick enjoyed a beautiful wedding day experience at the Memphis Botanic Gardens on May 7th. It was a beautiful day with two very special people tying the knot with us! Justin Jaggers was chosen to be their DJ, and he had a few words to say about his experience with them on their wedding day: "Amanda’s dad thrilled the audience with his dance moves during his father-daughter dance of 'Brown Eyed Girl'. He received more applause than any other Dad I’ve seen dancing. Amanda and Nick were ready to get the party started as early as possible and kept dancing until the party was over. Thanks for having DeepBlu entertain

Iwona and Klaus Dobler | The River Inn | May 6, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Iwona and Klaus Dobler - Memphis, TN Klaus and Iwona held their wedding reception at the River Inn downtown, and it was an elegant affair complete with a ten course meal and full-blown party afterward. Jon Simpson was selected to be their DJ because of Jon's keen sense of reading a crowd and his innate ability to cater to a reception that has a different structure from the norm. Sophistication was very important to Klaus and Iwona, so it was important that we provided him with the best experience possible, just as we do with all of our clients. From the very start, Klaus was always attentive to the ideas that we had for his wedding, and we were open to all of his input

Lindsey & Jay Cumberland | Cedar Hall | May 1, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Lindsey & Jay Cumberland - Cedar Hall - Memphis, TN I always have loved Sunday weddings. There is just something special about them. Whether it's because it's at the end of the weekend when everyone has already had a chance to fully relax or maybe it's because Sundays have always been lazy days. Any way you look at it, they are special. And on this day, it was made even more special because two exceptionally special people were married - Lindsey & Jay Cumberland! They chose Cedar Hall to hold their wedding, and it was a superb choice! The weather turned out to be very nice on this day, and that's a good thing! Their photographer, Cathrine Taylor, was very happy that she did

Alli & Justin Crutchfield | Smith Restaurant, Corinth, MS | April 30, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Alli & Justin Crutchfield - Corinth, MS Justin wins the prize for "wedding planning groom of the year"! This guy was on point every step of the way and never let a single detail get past him. He chose DeepBlu for his wedding entertainment because he knew that we would take great care of him and Alli. And since Justin Jaggers was his DJ, everything fell together just perfectly! Justin and Alli held their reception at Smith Restaurant in Corinth, MS, a location that was hand-picked by Mr. & Mrs. Crutchfield to host their wedding reception in style. And what a reception it was! I asked Justin Jaggers to share his thoughts on the reception, and he was happy to chime in. This

Olivia & Jacob New | TPC Southwind | April 29, 2016

Jimmy with Olivia & Jacob New - TPC Southwind - Memphis, TN "It's not gonna's not gonna rain" - these are the last words Olivia uttered to me as we walked out from our final meeting before her wedding day. She goes on to say, "It's not going to be the end of the world or anything, I just really don't want it to rain." Well, it did rain. As I was driving to TPC Southwind for her and Jabob's wedding, I was concerned that Olivia would be upset that her wish of no rain didn't come true, but I was delighted to see that she was smiling and in really good spirits. For those of us who have worked in the wedding business for a long time, you know that the success or failure of the event

Katie & Joe Hernandez | Spring Creek Ranch | April 23, 2016

Jimmy with Dr. Joe and Katie Hernandez - Spring Creek Ranch You know, you are never really sure how a wedding will go until you actually get there, but you can have a pretty good idea of how everything will go if yo consider where you will be, who you are working with and what types of people your clients are. With Katie and Joe, it was very easy to predict how it was going to turn out - fun, easy and over the top exciting! These two have a very special relationship. There is a closeness between them that simply radiates joy. They spent ALL of their time on their wedding day smiling and laughing - of course that was in between dancing, eating and sharing moments with their families and frien

Erin & Donny Lawson | Memphis Brooks Museum of Art | April 30, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Erin & Donny Lawson - Brooks Museum of Art - Memphis, TN Everyone has a circle of friends, and everyone has a couple within their circle of friends that is always on fire with excitement and happiness. You know - that couple that's smiling, laughing and loves to cut up all the time? Well if you are friends with Erin & Donny, then THEY are that couple. Erin and Donny wore their fiery personalities on their sleeves on their wedding day this past weekend and it was nothing short of infectious! They love music so much that they wanted to make sure that every room in their venue was full of music and visual delights. Since the Brooks Museum is a venue that has lots of rooms to s

Brandi & Ryan Montross | Greystone Stables | April 16, 2016

DJ Blake Brady with Brandi & Ryan Montross at Greystone Stables Brandi was all about planning for her wedding! Everything from her music that was to be played down to how much electricity we were going to use, she was on top of it. It was a lot of fun to see what ideas she had for her big day, and it was so very important to us as well. Her DJ, Blake Brady, was the obvious choice for her and Ryan. Blake said that the ceremony was simple and elegant, while the reception was upbeat and electric! So many great people were in attendance to join Brandi and Ryan on their special day to dance, have fun and make their "first day of marriage" memories that much more special! To help with the day's fe

Alexa & Matt Lippman | April 23, 2016 | Heartwood Hall

Jeff Cowens with Alexa & Matt Lippman - Heartwood Hall From day one, Alexa got right down to business with her wedding planning. It was apparent that she wanted things be be just right and to have a flow with everything from start to finish. We were excited that she chose us as her wedding DJ company, and there wasn't a single aspect left uncovered! She and Matt celebrated their wedding day with their families and friends at the popular Heartwood Hall in Piperton, TN, a venue known for its classic styling and rustic country charm. Our friends there made sure that everything was handled elegantly, and it was a very nice day that day with beautiful weather - simply perfect for this dashing gro

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