Mr & Mrs Grant Braden | The Atrium at Overton Square | June 18, 2016

Jared with Mr & Mrs Grant Braden | Memphis, TN These two REALLY knew what they wanted on the front end - they wanted a DJ with style and flair, and they wanted to meet with him face-to-face to make sure that what they had heard about us was 100% true. After meeting with Jared Stanfield, they knew that they were ready to say "let's go!" The Atrium at Overton Square, quickly becoming one of our clients' favorite wedding venues, was their choice for their big day. They celebrated with a fun crowd of family and friends who cheered them on as the night progressed, and Jared made sure to keep them moving as much as possible to keep that momentum going. Our other wedding professional friends who we

Lauren & Shawn Parrish | The Mill at Plenair, Taylor, MS | June 18, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Lauren & Shawn Parrish Lauren & Shawn chose the quaint, country atmosphere of The Mill at Plenair in Taylor, MS, for their wedding day. An off-the-beaten-path venue with lovely scenery and spacious backdrops, just perfect for a dream wedding day! DeepBlu's Jonathan Simpson took care ofth their music, and he said that the crowd was a fun-loving bunch that reflected the love that Lauren and Shawn shared for each other! It certainly was a hot day, but th festive spirit of these two and their party loving guests kept the spirit of celebration flowing freely all night long. Thanks to Lauren and Shawn for letting us be a part of their wedding day celebration, and we look forw

Kim & Tom Goyer | Cedar Hall | June 18, 2016

Justin with Kim & Tom Goyer | Cedar Hall Kim and Tom are two bright sould meant for a future as bright as they are. They chose us for their wedding day entertainment, and we couldn't be happier! Justin Jaggers was their DJ, and he took care of this early afternoon wedding with style and ease. He said: "The heat could not keep Tom and Kim’s guests away from their wedding at Cedar Hall. Thankfully, there was plenty of shade for those in attendance. Tom and Kim’s guests, especially their kids, came to party. They came ready with a list of requests too, I didn’t have to make one decision for music the entire night. Requests came one after the other the entire night. We at DeepBlu wish Tom and

Blakelee & Ryder Bonham | Harrisburg, AR | June 11, 2016

Jared with Blakelee & Ryder Bonham Blakelee and Ryder got married on June 11th at a wonderful space in Harrisburg, AR, and was all made even more special by our friend Katherine Benson of Bella Baxter Events. DeepBlu's Jared Stanfield handled all of the music the way only he could, and he said that their crowd was alit with all of the happiness and anticipation that Blakelee and Ryder had themselves. Summer weddings are always fun, a little on the warm side and full of joy and charm. The Bonhams would not have had it any other way! Their dance floor was alive and their guests seemed to be having as much fun as they possibly could have! Even though we were a good distance away from home, Jare

LeBonheur Big Wig Ball | Annesdale Mansion | June 17, 2016

Justin "The Big E" Jaggers at the LeBonheur Big Wig Ball - Annesdale Mansion For the last few years, DeepBlu Entertainment has entertained the fun-loving guests at the LeBonheur Big Wig Ball. They also always have their very own DeepBlu DJ handling their events, namely our own "Kid Dynomite" Justin Jaggers. This event holds a special place in Justin's heart, especially since he has been a key player in the production of the "Musicians for LeBonheur" music project that has seen local and international acclaim, and has helped raise thousands of dollars for LeBonheur every single year. The folks at LeBonheur always host this event at Annesdale Mansion, due to its lavish layout and the over-the-

Kayla & Forrest Coleman | Peaceful Oaks Bed & Breakfast | June 4, 2016

Justin with Kayla & Forrest Coleman - Peaceful Oaks B&B Kayla and Forrest had a GREAT wedding day at Peaceful Oaks Bed & Breakfast on June 4th right along with our own DJ Justin Jaggers taking care of their music - making sure he had as many people dancing as possible. This is what Justin had to say about their experience: "The rain in Medina couldn't stop this wedding. Ashley Oldham and her team worked fast to move the ceremony under the patio and then flipped the room to get it ready for the reception. The humidity after the rain didn't stop anyone from dancing and this was a musically diverse crowd. I took requests for George Strait and Garth Brooks from the father of the bride to Ching

Katherine & Chad Leake | Heartwood Hall | June 10, 2016

Jimmy with Katherine & Chad Leake - Heartwood Hall Katherine is a sweet soul with a whole lot of punch! She was always such a ball of fun every step of the way while we were planning her wedding, and she seemed to be in the best mood with every communication! June 10th was a really hot day, but that did not seem to hinder Katherine and Chad from smiling and soaking up every second of this great wedding day! Who could blame them? They chose one of the nicest venues in town to have their wedding celebration, and their guests were all very lively and ready to party. It was simply a great evening and it was all made extra special by Katherine and Chad just being who they were - two really great

Brittany & Jonathan Smith | Chimes & Occasions | June 10, 2016

Jon with Brittany & Jonathan Smith - Memphis, TN Brittany is one of those people who lights up a room when she walks in - that infectious smile gets you every time! She brought that same bright energy with her when she and Jonathan got married on June 10th at Chimes & Occasions. DeepBlu's Jon Simpson was their DJ, and he was specially chosen for their event because he also has that same kind of bright energy, so when you put those two together, you have a win-win combination! We also had a world-class team of wedding professionals there to help make everything run as smoothly as possible: Jenn and Ben Black of Snap Happy Photography, Camille with Snap Happy was there to capture every moment

Jessica & Joey Moore | The Quonset | June 11, 2016

Ryan Clay with Jessica & Joey Moore - The Quonset, Collierville, TN Jessica and Joey are two great folks that planned a perfect wedding day for themselves in spite of their hectic schedules during the planning process. Joey was finishing school while trying to maintain a stable household AND plan a wedding, and Jessica was right there with him doing a great job to help keep it all together. All in all, they did a fantastic job, and it is evident that their married life is going to be just as solid and fun-filled since they work so well together. They chose the Quonset as the scene for their reception, and it was a great choice! Ryan Clay was their DJ, and he said that their reception was a g

Ashley & LD Humphreys | The Robinson Gallery | June 11, 2016

Jeff Cowens with Ashley & LD Humphreys - Memphis, TN Congratulations to Ashley and LD Humphreys! This great couple was married on June 11th and held their reception at the Robinson Gallery in beautiful downtown Memphis, TN. LD is a great guy with a ton of personality, and it showed with every single meeting we had to plan their wedding. Ashley was on top of things as well, staying in the loop with a lot of great music choices and always having a great attitude the entire time! Jeff Cowens was their DJ, and he said that he had their entire crowd jumping with the amazing song choices that Ashley and LD had picked out. Of course Jeff threw his own little swerve in there to round out a great eve

Mr & Mrs Zac O'Neil | Balinese Ballroom | June 11, 2016

Randel Locke with Mr & Mrs Zac O'Neil - Balinese Ballroon, Downtown Memphis, TN Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Zac O'Neil! These two were married on June 11th and held their reception at Balinese Ballroom downtown. Our own Randel Locke made sure that they had a great time, and with their choices of music, it was clear that this was going to be a great evening! Also thanks to our awesome team of wedding pros that Randel had the pleasure to work with - Studio LaRue, Frost Bake Shop, L&J Florist, Affordable Party Rentals and our good buddy Kevin Barre on photo. Thanks again to Mr & Mrs Zac O'Neil and best wishes to you both in your big future together!

Rachel & Michael Bone | The Cadre Building | May 29, 2016

Jeff with Rachel and Michael Bone - The Cadre Building - Downtown Memphis, TN What a great way to spend a Memorial Day weekend in Memphis, TN - to be able to share in the wedding day memories of two special people, namely Rachel and Michael Bone. These two awesome folks held their wedding at the infamous Cadre Building downtown with our own Jeff Cowens behind the wheel, steering their guests to a great wedding celebration with fun music of all types. Joining Jeff was our friend Don Lawler and his team from Storytellers, who took care of the photography and video for Rachel and Michael's big day. Holliday's Flowers handled all of the amazing flowers and Frost Bake Shop made another show-stopp

Brittany & Ben Lubeck | The Robinson Gallery | May 28, 2016

Jonathan with Brittany & Ben Lubeck - The Robinson Gallery Brittany and Ben are two super nice people with big hearts, and they crave fun as much as anyone else you know. The only difference is they got to fulfill their cravings with an incredibly fun and elegant wedding reception at the Robinson Gallery! The best choice of DJ for their event had to be Jonathan Simpson. Jon really knows how to read a crowd, and with his joyous love of all kinds of music, it was a no-brainer to assign him to their reception. Jon said that he had a nicely active dance floor with lots of people who really enjoyed themselves all night long. Sarah Green was their photographer, and she is always fun to work with.

Jennifer & Joshua Murphy | The Esplanade Memphis | May 28, 2016

Jeff with Jennifer & Joshua Murphy - Esplanade Memphis Jennifer's main concern was making sure that everyone at her wedding was going to have a great time, young and old, and that's why she said she contacted us. She said that our reputation spoke for itself, so it was worth taking a chance on us. We are so happy that she did! They held their exquisite wedding at the Esplanade in Cordova, TN, due to its large layout and multi-functional spaces. Her DJ, Jeff Cowens, told me that he really enjoyed this event because of all of the great music that she and her husband had chosen for their must plays. He also said that everyone was responding well to the amazing playlist of favorites from the 80s

Minh & Ton Nguyen | Savannah Woods Plantation | May 28, 2016

Randel with Minh & Ton Nguyen - Savannah Woods - Memphis, TN Ton and Minh are two of the most sincere and joyful people that I have had the pleasure to work with in a long time. First, Ton's FIRST priority was his bride's happiness and comfort. With each and every phone call he and I had, he ONLY wanted to make sure that everything was going to be to Minh's liking. He is a very chivalrous and kind gentleman, and he is a testament to the type of husband we all should be. Minh was just as attentive to Ton's well-being as well. She made it clear that they both wanted everything to be perfect and easy, and we made sure to honor their wishes! Their choice of DJ was very important, since they want

Stephanie & Casey Willer | Annesdale Mansion | May 27, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Stephanie & Casey Willer - Annesdale Mansion, Memphis, TN This was a challenging weekend with all of the rain, but as their DJ said, "Rain did NOT stop this party!" Stephanie and Casey chose Annesdale Mansion for their wedding day with all of its classic Memphis charm and wonderful scenery. They also were wise enough to employ the talents of one of Memphis' best wedding planners, Ashley Oldham of 117 Event Design. Take these and combine them with the talents of photographer Nicholas Hall, florist Kacie Cooper, cake and catering by Me and My Tea Room, make up by Studio la Rue and of course our good friends Valerie and Angel of Annesdale, it was a great wedding that rolled

Natalie & Scott McIntosh | Memphis Botanic Gardens | May 21, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Natalie & Scott McIntosh - Memphis Botanic Gardens - Memphis, TN Having a perfect wedding day to Natalie and Scott must have meant having a smooth and elegant ceremony, a full dance floor and a bunch of great people surrounding her - because that's exactly what they got on May 21st! She and Scott enjoyed a wonderful wedding day at Memphis Botanic Gardens with their ceremony held at the Blecken Pavilion, complete with the DeepBlu string trio taking care of their ceremony music. DJ Justin Jaggers handled the reception and he told me that everyone was having a blast! In Justin's words: "Scott and Natalie had a beautiful wedding in the middle of the Botanic Gardens and the we

Mr & Mrs Ryan Bates | St Louis Catholic Church | May 21, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Mr & Mrs Ryan Bates - Memphis, TN It was so easy to plan Ryan wedding day! This guys was always on top of every email, phone call, text, you name it! He really wanted every detail to be handled with care, and thanks to his attentiveness, we certainly did! DJ Jonathan Simpson made sure that all feet were on the dance floor, and with the types of music that these two requested, it was easy to see that it was going to be a great party. Everything went so well, and as you can see from the picture included with this post, they were pretty darn happy with the outcome. Ryan and Catherine chose Holly Hardin help with all of the festivities, and just as she always does, it all c

Mr & Mrs Manning | Dixon Gallery & Gardens | May 21, 2016

Jeff Cowens with Mr & Mrs Manning - Memphis, TN Mrs. Cindy Manning was a real joy to work with from start to finish! She was determined to have an exceptional wedding day, and that was made evident by her delightful spirit. She chose Dixon Gallery & Gardens for its lush scenery and the many options that were available to her for the reception. Their DJ, Jeff Cowens, told me that he had a great time right alongside their guests as well. He said that their crowd was definitely the dancing type of crowd and dance they did! He kept them moving while the dance floor was open and he even had a few people grooving to some of the music that was played during their cocktail hour/dinner hour. Our frie

Julie & Austin Beaird | Memphis National Golf Club | May 21, 2016

Jimmy with Julie & Austin Beaird | Memphis National From the get-go, Julie stood out as a spunky, happy and down-to-earth person with a lot of personality. Her choices of music were a direct reflection of this, and it was all for the purpose of everyone having an amazing time! We all enjoyed a great reception at Memphis National Golf Club complete with all the trimmings: a full dance floor with a lot of great guests, fantastic food and beautiful florals. Our photography was provided by the team of Nathan Rye Photography, and everything fell into place about as well as it possibly could! Thanks to Julie and Austin for letting me DJ this awesome reception for them, and I won't forget it for a

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