Katie & Joe Cook - Spring Creek Ranch November 21, 2015

Jimmy Harris with Joe and Katie Cook All stars were aligned Saturday night at our "home away from home" - Spring Creek Ranch. Katie and Joe were two edxtremely nicce and gracious people who let me be a part of their wedding day, and I am so happy that they did! We had a very cold night to deal with, but it did not hamper our celebration one tiny bit. This crowd of folks was full of life and lots of energy, and they enjoyed themsleves all night long! At one point in the evening, Joe came up to me and dropped a bomb shell on me - he told me that he had not yet told Katie where they were spending their honeymoon, and he asked for me to announce it for him. When I told Katie that they were honey

Morgan & Doug Wulsin - The Barn at Swepston Jones November 21, 2015

DJ Blake Brady with Morgan & Doug Wulsin, November 21, 2015 This past Saturday night at the beautiful Barn at Swepston Jones in Crawfordsville, AR was the setting of the wedding of two great folks - Morgan & Doug Wulsin! Not only was Morgan a super sweetheart the whole time she was planning her wedding, she was wise enough to have Suzanne Vrbas come along to help her with the details. Morgan and Doug enjoyed a great celebration with their families and friends and DJ Blake Brady kept the dance floor moving all night long. Blake said that he walked away from it with a big smile on his face since he had a crowd that was prepared for a big night of fun, music and fellowship. With an amazing cast

Shelby & Will Tucker - The Cadre Building November 21, 2015

Will and I hit it off right off the bat! I mean, he is a professional musician, great guitar player and one cool guy. One of his biggest concerns was making sure that his band had great sound so they could get their crowd groovin'. He and his all-star line up made that happen: Shelby and Will both are two picture-perfect folks. They both have such a deep love for each other, and they both share a love for having fun! The Cadre Building in Downtown Memphis, TN was the perfect setting for this once in a lifetime event for them. You can't get more Memphis than Downtown! Will and Shelby were a treat to work with, and DJ Justin Ja

Gabriela & Tim Cox - Savannah Woods Plantation November 14, 2015

DJ Jared Stanfield with Gabby & Tim Cox Whenever we walk away from any wedding event thinking what an awesome experience it was, it is usually because it was a huge wedding with hundreds or people ready to party and celebrate. Massive rooms with massive guest counts, big metropolitan rooms with enourmous floral arrangements and the whole nine yards.... Gabby was always a joy to work with every step of the way. She was easy to contact and communicate with, and that just makes for a successful event no matter how you slice it! Jared said that this one was just as special as any wedding celebration with hunderds of people - but there were only a small number of people at Gabby & Tim's wedding,

Christine & Collin Baxter - Robinson Gallery November 7, 2015

Saturday night at the Robinson Gallery was the scene of a wedding for two very awesome people – Christine and Collin Baxter! Both of them were about as easy as two people could be with wedding planning. They had quite a few ideas to share and were open to any ones we had along the way. Christine looked amazing in her bridal gown, which complemented Collin's tux to a “T”. As you can see in the pic included, they were smiling from ear to ear, enjoying every second of their wedding day celebration to the fullest. Wedding day jitters seemed almost on-existent, and THAT is what happiness does for ya! Christine and Collin enjoyed their good ol' Memphis wedding with one of our best DJs, Jared Stanf

7 things you should discuss with your wedding DJ before your big day

Hiring the right DJ can make or break your wedding day, however, remember that it this is a team effort so it's up to you to clearly communicate your ideas in advance. Don't just wing it...seriously, don't! Here are seven things you should tell your wedding DJ to make sure that you will have a successful party for you and your guests: 1. Tell your DJ when you would like to play your most important songs and for how long To begin with, you'll absolutely want to fill your DJ in on what songs you've picked for the major formailities (such as your first dance, father/daughter dance, bouquet toss, etc.). Timing is also a major factor and not just because of your time line. For example, will you a

Drs. Jessie & Rob Greenwald - Heartwood Hall 10.31.15

It was definitely Halloween last night at Heartwood Hall with these two fine folks! The barn at Heartwood Hall was decked out with Halloween gear - even down to the table decorations and guest favors. Jessie and Rob even requested that their Halloween-centric favorite songs were included in the repertoire as well. Our ceremony was held in the barn due to the weather, but it was not a hindrance in the least. Their ceremony included a heart-tugging line from Firefly, many references to their favorite fantasy characters, delivered by their minister who really interpreted it with a style only he could muster. Both of these folks were a lot of fun to plan with from start to finish, and after revi

Meisa & Farid Khammedov - The Peabody Hotel October 31, 2015

The Peabody Hotel was full of people from 8 different countries attending Meisa & Farid's wedding reception last night. DJ Blake Brady ran the show and played a diverse collection of music for their guests and was joined by some of our favorite wedding pros including Justin Croninger of Message In A Bottle Productions, Diane Westphal of the Peabody Hotel and Lynn Doyle flowers. Meisa was a lot of fun to plan with. She was always ready to chat and plan and talk about music. Such a sweet person and a real pleasure to work with! Her mom and dad were also helpful in the planning process and even took time out of their busy day (twice) to meet with me and exchange music and planning ideas. Whenev

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