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Stephanie & Jamie Harris | The Cadre Building | March 5, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Stephanie and Jamie Harris

(photo courtesy of Rob Lyons Photography)

Downtown Memphis has always been a hot spot for weddings. It's amazing being deep within the city's rich mix of eclectic music, art, people and of course the incredible architecture. One venue that has always been one of the most popular of the classics is the Cadre Building. This is where Stephanie and Jamie joined together as husband and wife with a room full of their closest friends and families. This setting was especially important to Stephanie, since she wanted to get married somewhere that would be memorable and was the perfect surrounding for the thousands of pictures that would be taken by their photographer and our good friend, Rob Lyons. Rob never needs any help to make sure that his wedding photos look phenomenal, but it never hurts to be surrounded by eye candy from floor to ceiling.

Stephanie had made it abundantly clear that she wanted the music to be heard and she wanted it to be awesome, and since she had heard that these two things are what we did well, it was a match made in wedding heaven. It was not difficult to decide who her DJ should be, and that DJ was Justin Jaggers. Justin has a keen sense the layout and specifics of the venue, and Kelsey and the staff at the Cadre know him very well. He told me that the sound at the ceremony was flawless and that the entire event went just as planned. In Justin's words:

“The crowd was ready to start dancing immediately after the ceremony, and when they left the ceremony area for cocktails on the mezzanine. While the bar was open upstairs, the wedding guests were even dancing to some of the music I was playing during the cocktail hour! Stephanie’s father was a little concerned that he would drop his daughter when he dipped her during the Father-Daughter dance. He pulled it off and the crowd loved it….in true Godfather fashion!”

And just when you thought things couldn't get any better, everyone enjoyed some of the best cuisine Memphis has to offer by our friends at world-renowned CFY Catering. Always providing something deliciously unique, CFY made sure to provide Stephanie and Jamie with a menu of jaw-dropping food that looks just as good as it tastes. Our friends at Lynn Doyle Flowers also provided the amazing flower arrangements and held everything together by providing day-of wedding coordination services. A real dream team here!

Things could not have been planned any better with the way that Stephanie and Jamie had clearly communicated all of their wants and needs during our planning process. If you ever wanted to find a more “on top of her planning process” bride, Stephanie is your girl!

Thanks, Stephanie and Jamie! You guys are awesome, and we hope that you enjoy your new life beyond your honeymoon in New Zealand (insert petty jealousy here).

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