Britni & Josh Piyavunno | The Atrium at Overton Square | September 24, 2016

Jeff Cowens with Britni & Josh Piyavunno - The Atrium at Overton Square There was no doubt that Britni and Josh Piyavunno make a great couple. They are young, happy and excited about living together for the rest of their lives. They are oh so ready to enjoy a fun-filled relationship. Their wedding ceremony and reception were hosted at The Atrium, Overton Square. Over the last few years, The Atrium has become one of the area's favorite wedding venues. It’s owners Kevin, Kristi and Corey are very considerate about the hall’s facilities and looks. May it be a simple wedding ceremony or a royal reception, the hall is capable of meeting all your needs. Above all, the Bushes make sure they are pre

Victoria & Jonathon Hollis | Cedar Hall | September 10, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Victoria & Jonathon Hollis - Cedar Hall A Different Wedding Experience – Victoria and Jonathon’s Big Day What could be more charming and beautiful than sharing your intimate wedding moments with your dearest friends and relatatives in an opulent venue? This is one of the finest ways of hosting a wedding event. Victoria and Jonathon Hollis opted to host their wedding at Cedar Hall, with their ceremony in the garden and their reception in their infamous stables. The entire venue was decorated to match high levels of elegance and luxury, and it was accessorized to accommodate 180 guests with its impressive surroundings. Let the Beat Get You Going! The Hollises had a charming

The Memphis Wedding DJ Times Flashback Edition | Lorelei & Steve Esterman | St Louis Catholic Ch

Lorelei & Steve with DJ Jonathan Simpson Lorelei and Steve were a treat for us to work with. They did their full mass Catholic ceremony at St. Louis Catholic Church with their reception following in the Clunan Center at St. Louis. Their wedding was the Saturday following Thanksgiving and it was the family affair you’d expect of a Thanksgiving weekend wedding. After the mass was finished and the couple had been announced as husband and wife, their guests had an extremely easy commute from the Cathedral to the Clunan Center, located within the church. For anyone who hasn’t visited St. Louis or the Clunan Center, everything about this church is beautiful. From the tall ceilings and exposed bric

Callie & Brian Bauleke | The Columns, Downtown Memphis | September 10, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Callie & Brian Bauleke - The Columns, Downtown Memphis The moment we first started working with Callie and Brian Bauleke, we fell in love with them! As a couple, they have a great sense of humor to keep everyone smiling and delighted all day long. Callie has classiness and style in abundance and is capable of lighting up an entire room with her spirit. She is Brian’s best friend as well as new wife. The bride’s determination to host a smooth and pleasant wedding was enviable. She had the support and motivation of Brian to get things going in every way. The Big Wedding Everything about Callie and Brian’s wedding was “Big”. The ceremony was hosted at The Columns in Downtow

Kendall & Kevin Dewitt | Bartlett Municipal Center | September 24, 2016

Ryan Clay with Kendall & Kevin Dewitt - Bartlett Municipal Center Kendall & Kevin’s Big Day The 24th of September 2016 was a very special day for Kendall and Kevin Dewitt. It was their wedding day! Elizabeth Young once said, “And I knew exactly how old Walt Disney’s Cinderella felt when she found her prince”. Similar thoughts like this must have been in Kendall's mind on her special day. As Kendall and Kevin’s DJ, Ryan Clay had the amazing opportunity to witness their love story. Just like other weddings, days that lead up to their special moment were a little hectic. However, the Dewitts' wedding was not stressed as other events go. It began smoothly and ended like a fairy tale. A True Mome

The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Stephanie & Trace Cisneros | Woodland Hills | November 5, 2016

Stephanie and Trace Cisneros on the dance floor (photo courtesy of The Kenneys) What can you say about a wedding that was just destined to be amazing no matter what happened? That WAS the case with Stephanie and Trace's wedding at Woodland Hills! First, our good friend Amy Miller took charge from day one to make sure that all of their ideas were brought to life, and of course she was always there to help them with anything they needed along the way. That was also the case with us at DeepBlu - Amy was always there. She consistently takes great care of her clients, and she makes sure that nothing goes unattended. Always a treat! Stephanie & Trace's ceremony took place at Highland Church of Chr

The TRUTH About the "DIY Approach" to DJing Your Own Wedding

Do you really want THIS to DJ your wedding? It is time for us all to face reality. Saving money by doing things yourself for your own wedding comes at a price. A price that no one ever mentions because if you were told the truth, you would never click on these crazy articles - articles written by people who are journalists and NOT wedding professionals. With all of the preparation it takes to plan a wedding, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information that is out there. Especially the information that relates to "DIY-ing" your own wedding. This approach may work for some, but for most it is the first step on a path that leads to a less-than-exceptional wedding day experience. A

Sarah & Thomas Downen | Spring Creek Ranch | September 17, 2016

Jon Simpson with Sarah & Thomas Downen - Spring Creek Ranch Have you ever come across a jovial and causal couple, who don’t have the slightest hint of nervousness on their big day? Well, let us introduce you to Sarah & Thomas Downen, a lovely couple for whom, we had the privilege of taking part and performing at their wedding ceremony and reception. The month of September seems to be the season of love and it is not surprising to see many couples deciding to tie the knot during this period. With the beautiful climate and right atmosphere lurking around, it seems to be the ideal time to get wedded. Perhaps Sarah and Thomas decided it was the right time and boy were they right. The wedding cer

Blair & George Connor | Annesdale Mansion | September 3, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Blair & George Connor - Annesdale Mansion We took part in a beautiful wedding ceremony of Blair & George Connor which was held at Annesdale Mansion. It is very elegant and was the ideal place for these two to tie the knot. Blair and George can be best described as the ideal couple, made for each other. They were enjoying each other throughout the ceremony and we couldn’t help but notice it. To make sure that everything was in order, I formed a special relationship with them before the wedding. Blair & George were united by Minister Ed Norton. The ceremony was held on lawn of Annesdale, which stands in all its glory. The couple was introduced to their guests on the stairs o

Kendra & Michael Kennedy | Cedar Hall | August 27, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Mr & Mrs Michael Kennedy - Cedar Hall Summer weddings always have a certain vibe to them. This vibe always follows the excitement of the freedom that you feel during the summer months, the vibrant colors and aromas of the flowers (and not just from the bouquets) and the heat that we all enjoy so much. This was a summer wedding that was made special by all of the people that came together to help make it as wonderful as possible. For Kendra and Michael, nothing short of the best was good enough for them, and that's what they got. Jared Stanfield was their DJ on this awesome wedding day, and these two Mississippi State alums were able to enjoy some of the best moments in t

Megan & Wes Johnson | Annesdale Mansion | September 17, 2016

Justin with Megan & Wes Johnson - Annesdale Mansion (photo courtesy of Rob + Deanna Photography) Megan and Wes were married at the infamous Annesdale Mansion in September surrounded by over 150 of the people who mean the most to them. Starting their big day with a beautiful ceremony in the garden and their reception in the adjacent patio area. DeepBlu's Justin Jaggers was the host of the whole event, and he had the following to say about it: "The day started with some heat an humidity, but Megan and Wes were the best looking couple in Memphis. The highlight of the evening was Megan and Wes’ dances with ALL of their parents for the first dances. It was a really unique way to approach this poi

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