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Melynn & David Purser | Como, MS Art Gallery on Main Street | March 5, 2016

Jimmy with Melynn & David Purser

On Saturday, March 5th at the art gallery on Main Street in Como, MS, Melynn and David Purser were married! It was a beautiful day with two amazing people :)

Melynn had been a real “hands-on” kinda bride from day one! She was so into every little detail that you woulda sworn she was a wedding planner! Once all of the information came together, it became clear to me that she was doing most of the planning by herself. She did have support from other family members, like her sweet mom who was really on top of the day-of details, but for the most part she did it all with her own two hands.

Not only was she particular about her details, she wanted to make her ceremony a little extra unique by doing a spoken word piece over an instrumental song while she walked down the aisle. As the spoken word piece was playing, you could see that every single person was hanging on to each and every word she was saying. That was Melynn's mission, and it was absolutely accomplished!

Both families that were there were simply a joy to be with. Of course wedding days are always happy and joyful, but today there was something a little different in the air. You could really see that both families were very excited about coming together. It truly was a celebration of love that day!

Melynn had originally planned to have someone come to the wedding reception and play and sing their first dance song, but that didn't quite pan out. Then Melynn bestowed upon me one of the highest honors ever – she asked me to play guitar and sing their first dance song, which of course I did! It was fun to have that honor, and I have to admit, I was getting pretty caught up in the moment while I was singing.

All in all, a great day with great people and a great crowd! It was just about as fun as it could possibly have been. Thanks to Melynn and David for making it fun for me and for being so awesome to work with! Congratulations, you two!

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