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Holly & David Luchin | Lindenwood Christian Church | July 16, 2016

Randel Locke with Holly & David Luchin - Lindenwood Christian Church

From the first communication that we had with Holly, it was clear that her wedding was going to be very special. She is among a group of very charismatic people that enjoy the finer thinsg in life - great movies, video games, music, cosplay - you name it! She and David made sure to bring all of the electric elements of their personalities into their wedding experience. It was done with flair and class and was extremely well-planned.

Holly and David enjoyed their wedding day at Lindenwood Christian Church in Midtown Memphis. Their ceremony was held in one of the chapels and their reception was in the big auditorium - the one that hosts the vibrant worship services. A nice fit for them and for their guests.

They chose some great music to enhance their wedding ceremony AND reception. One of the DeepBlu Entertainment string quartets performed during their ceremony with songs selected by Holly & David, including the favorite "Concerning Hobbits" from the Lord of the Rings film series and the Masterpiece Theater theme song - music that certainly fit their personalities and love of one of their favorite types of entertainment.

The reception that followed was alive with music which was DJ'd by our own Randel Locke, and he said that he enjoyed watching their guests soak up all of the eclectic music that they had selected for everyone's enjoyment.

Of course, we had a great team to work with as well:

Photography: Sarah Morris Flowers: Kevin Griffin Cake: Lee Sanders Make Up: Emily Epperson Catering: Fork It Over Photo Booth: Jay Campbell

We want to thank Holly and David for allowing us to be there for their special day, and we will keep an eye out for the next adventure in their lives - and do they LOVE adventure!

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