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Sarah & Daniel Golden - Spring Creek Ranch 10.17.15

​What do you do when your bride smiles and laughs at the altar during her ceremony? You smile and laugh right along with her! This is the way this wedding celebration got started - with smiles and laughs. That set the tone for the entire evening when Sarah and Daniel tied the knot this past Saturday at Spring Creek.Our ceremony was beautiful on this bright, brisk day. Flowers by Lynn Doyle Flowers just made everything extra awesome!

All in attendance were smiling and having fun, enjoying great weather, music and food. To make things better for me, I got to work with two great friends of mine on this, there last wedding event in Memphis before they move away to the big "CA" - Kelly and John Ginn. With these two and Toni and Tia with Spring Creek Ranch, it was bound for success from the first second.

​Sarah and Daniel both beamed happiness during the entire thing, and they chose some great music to help enhance everyone's wedding day celebration experience. It was a real treat for me to see Sarah dancing and SINGING on the dance floor. She and her friends really let it out during Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". Made my whole night!

Topping off the cavalcade of excellence was one amazing cake designed by Frost Bake Shop. This cake actually looked like it had flower petals on the outside (and why I didnlt snap a pic of this cake I have no idea). ​

Thanks, Sarah & Daniel, for making me part of your wedding day experience. Now go out there and conquer the world!

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