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Katie and Justin Lamb | The Cadre Building | January 16, 2016

Jimmy with Katie and Justin Lamb in the world famous Amurica photo booth

Katie sat down with me a few weeks ago to get things finalized, and it was evident that she was the official representative of no-nonsense brides everywhere. I was impressed by her pragmatic approach to her wedding day, and it was important to her that the music set the tone for the evening. Even her mom, Kacky, got in the mix and gave me lots of input. Luckily both ladies are big time music lovers. It made things a lot easier for me.

Katie and Justin got married at the Cadre building surrounded by enough people to fill the place to the rim. There were a ton of family and friends there, including her large bridal party. Each and every one of them had their own swerve, but the had a common goal – to have the best wedding possible. We sure did that!

Kelsey McMillon, manager of the Cadre, was there to keep me in line (haha) and helped coordinate the festivities along with some other of Kacky's friends to make sure that everything ran smoothly. Every inch of the venue was decorated tastefully and elegantly, which was the perfect complement to the great vibe that the Cadre has already.

Katie told me all about her and her friends' love of Pop 2K, early and late 90s pop and R&B, and Kacky included some of her and her friends' favorites from the 60s and 70s – and all of this found a place within the format at some point in the evening. We even ended the night with Katie and Justin being surrounded by their closest friends dancing to the best of late 90s and early 2000s hip hop. I gotta say, I enjoyed that part a lot myself.

Thanks to you, Katie and Justin, for letting me be there on your wedding day! We got off to an elegant start and ended with an all out hip hop assault! It was YOU that helped form the music vibe for the night, and I really appreciate all you've done to make it an amazing wedding day!


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