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Gabriela & Tim Cox - Savannah Woods Plantation November 14, 2015

DJ Jared Stanfield with Gabby & Tim Cox

Whenever we walk away from any wedding event thinking what an awesome experience it was, it is usually because it was a huge wedding with hundreds or people ready to party and celebrate. Massive rooms with massive guest counts, big metropolitan rooms with enourmous floral arrangements and the whole nine yards....

Gabby was always a joy to work with every step of the way. She was easy to contact and communicate with, and that just makes for a successful event no matter how you slice it!

Jared said that this one was just as special as any wedding celebration with hunderds of people - but there were only a small number of people at Gabby & Tim's wedding, and that was by design. That's just the way they wanted it to be. However, it did not make it any less special than any other.

Gabby & Tim's wedding at Savannah Woods Plantation was an intimate affair, complete with all the trimmings of a rustic, country wedding. Gorgeous floral arrangements, beautifully designed bridesmaids dresses and a guest list of their closest family and friends.

Gabby's beautiful white gown complemented Tim's formal attire, which was a unique colorful ensemble that was truly picture-perfect. You out these two together, and you have a wedding photographer's dream!

Jared said that he had a very open and responsive crowd that used every square inch of their venue to the fullest. Of course, Savannah Woods has multiple rooms to enjoy, so that wasn't a stretch.

Savannah Woods is just outside of the Memphis area, which gave their wedding the genuine rustic feel that our bride and groom were going for. With the ambiance and fun-loving guests feeding the wedding day spirit, being a wedding DJ was an easy task for Jared. With the help of Carrie and Erin at the venue along with our photographers Woody and Pearl, the wedding professionals team at this event was unmatched.

Thanks to Gabby & Tim for allowing us to be a part of their wedding day! We wish the best for you both in the years ahead and cannot wait to see what the next leg of your journey holds!

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