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Angela & Josh Strocher | Annesdale Mansion | April 23, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Angela and Josh - Annesdale Mansion, Memphis, TN

Angela may as well be our sister. She has always been very close to us as a friend and wedding photographer in her own right, but on this day, she was on the other side of the lens. It was a day that was the culmination of a fun ride of a relationship that she and Josh have shared, complete with the beauty of Annesdale Mansion and all of the positive energy that being in the same place as your closest family members and friends can bring.

Angela reached out to her friend and professional colleague, Lizz Hoard, to come and shoot pics for her on her big day, and of course Lizz gave it all she had! Frost Bake Shop provided their world-class wedding cake, our bud Kasey Acuff made sure that Angela's lovely features were enhanced by her image skills, exceptional cuisine provided by Draper's Catering and our friends Valerie Bledsoe and Angel Auricchio at Annesdale Mansion made sure everything and everyone was in line for THE perfect wedding day for Angela and Josh!

DeepBlu's Justin Jaggers was the DJ for their wedding. Justin said, "Beautiful ceremony, beautiful dancing, all around beautiful. Josh is one heck of a dancer. Whether it was Ginuwine or Jason Aldean, he was dancing the whole night. I haven’t seen a groom more excited on his wedding day."

Thanks, Angela and Josh, for letting us make your wedding day come alive with music and dancing! It was a great day indeed!

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