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Alli & Justin Crutchfield | Smith Restaurant, Corinth, MS | April 30, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Alli & Justin Crutchfield - Corinth, MS

Justin wins the prize for "wedding planning groom of the year"! This guy was on point every step of the way and never let a single detail get past him. He chose DeepBlu for his wedding entertainment because he knew that we would take great care of him and Alli. And since Justin Jaggers was his DJ, everything fell together just perfectly!

Justin and Alli held their reception at Smith Restaurant in Corinth, MS, a location that was hand-picked by Mr. & Mrs. Crutchfield to host their wedding reception in style. And what a reception it was! I asked Justin Jaggers to share his thoughts on the reception, and he was happy to chime in. This is what he said:

"I have NEVER seen a crowd dance for three and a half hours straight. Justin and Alli’s friends came to party! This is definitely a highlight of 2016. I wish Justin and Alli and their families nothing but the best. Thanks for having me as your DJ!"

Justin said that the party went on and on and on, and his crowd was into every single song that he was playing. It takes special clients like this to inspire us and keep up the work that we do to the best of our ability. Thanks to these two for inspiring us even more!

Best wishes to Justin and Alli! We appreciate you making us a part of your wedding day!

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