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Lindsey & Jay Cumberland | Cedar Hall | May 1, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Lindsey & Jay Cumberland - Cedar Hall - Memphis, TN

I always have loved Sunday weddings. There is just something special about them. Whether it's because it's at the end of the weekend when everyone has already had a chance to fully relax or maybe it's because Sundays have always been lazy days. Any way you look at it, they are special. And on this day, it was made even more special because two exceptionally special people were married - Lindsey & Jay Cumberland!

They chose Cedar Hall to hold their wedding, and it was a superb choice! The weather turned out to be very nice on this day, and that's a good thing! Their photographer, Cathrine Taylor, was very happy that she didn't have to coordinate her shooting around any rain, which made for a great start to the event for sure!

Our ceremony was very touching and sweet, and their guests were all smiles as they tied the knot on the beautiful Cedar Hall lawn. Cocktail hour followed to get the fun festivities going, and we scooted right on into the stables to start one great wedding reception!

Our guests that night consisted of a lot of fun-loving characters who really enjoyed dancing, and I had a couple of them standing with me behind my booth to help me out with a few crowd favorites. I knew it was going to be fun, but with the way that all of these nice people enhanced the evening, it just made for a better wedding than I could have expected.

I want to extend a special thank you to Carol Johnson, Cedar Hall's wedding coordinator. She always makes my experience there extra special since she is such a sweet person and is always in a great mood and very easy to work with. Lindsey and Jay deserved nothing less than a fun, beautiful and upbeat wedding day to get the rest of their lives started on a good note! And with the addition of Kristy with Hot Shots Photo Booth being there to entertain those that took a break from the dance floor it was even more special.

Thanks to Lindsey and Jay for letting me be a part of their life's journey! You guys really are special people and I hope you enjoyed your evening as much as I did!

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