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Monica & Kevin Campbell | Annesdale Mansion | May 7, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Monica and Kevin Campbell - Annesdale Mansion - Memphis, TN

On May 7th, Monica and Kevin Campbell got married at the fabulous Annesdale Mansion on one beautiful day! It's always a treat to work with our friends Valerie Bledsoe and Angel Auricchio, because they make an awesome wedding day that much better! And with two great people like Monica and Kevin, it was destined to be a day to remember!

Thei DJ, Jared Stanfield, was chosen to DJ their wedding, and he told me that the entire evening turned out to be one of the nicest weddings he has done. However, Jared always says that he enjoys his weddings because let's face it - the guy loves his job!

Jared said that all of his guests were on fire - just ready to party! It was an easy thing to do since the weather was spectacular and we all now that weddings in Memphis are the best when they are outdoors and with beautiful weather!

As you can see from the picture above, these two really got into the party spirit. It was because of them that this wedding went so smoothly, and Monica was always eager and willing to communicate with every step of the process.

Thanks again to Monica and Kevin for letting us be a part of this wondrous occasion! We won't soon forget this wedding!

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