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Rachel & Logan Welch | Spring Creek Ranch | May 7, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Rachel & Logan Welch - Spring Creek Ranch - Collierville, TN

Rachel and Logan chose Spring Creek Ranch for their wedding day because of its elegance and superb service that Toni and her staff bring every time! It was a great day to be married, too! Great weather and a great group of people to share in their "day one of the rest of their lives".

They enjoyed their ceremony outside, complete with a guitar player and vocalists to enhance the beauty of their event, and their DJ, Jonathan Simpson, was chosen to take care of their wedding day because of his familiarity with the venue and his superb audio engineering skills - not to mention he's a pretty good DJ :)

Our friends at Lynn Doyle provided their beautiful floral arrangements, Katie Norrid snapped every special moment with her camera, Snap Happy Photography's Camilla was there to film their occasion and of course our beloved Toni Williams and staff brought everything together with the style and flair that only they can bring. It was an absolutely perfect wedding day! Jon told me that it was the best sounding event he has done this year so far!

Thanks to Rachel and Logan for making us a part of their wedding day, and we will remember this one for a long time. We hope you and yours do too!

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