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Aneta & Ryan Sweeney | Whispering Woods Hotel & Conference Center | May 14, 2016

Jeff Cowens with Aneta & Ryan Sweeney - Memphis, TN

Aneta is one of the most music-conscious clients we have ever had. She told us from day one that music was THE most important part of her wedding day, and that's the reason she chose us to handle this extremely important role for her and Ryan. Aneta is originally from Poland where music is more than just something you listen to - it's a way of life. She said that music has always been an important part of her life, so naturally it was going to be so with her wedding day.

When it came down to choosing a DJ for their reception, the obvious choice was Jeff Cowens. Jeff has a natural sense of taking even the most challenging events and turning them into situations that everyone can find a cozy spot to relax and have a great time. Jeff did just that with Aneta and Ryan's reception.

Keeping up with the theme of having only the best for their wedding day, Aneta and Ryan chose our friend and pro photog, Taisley Weston, to capture all of their special moments. Jeff and Taisley worked well together, and everything turned out splendidly!

Thanks again to Aneta and Ryan Sweeney for making DeepBle a part of their wedding day celebration! Best wished to your both on your new journey together!

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