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Erin & Jerry Lee Harris | Cedar Hall | May 14, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Erin & Jerry Lee Harris - Cedar Hall

Erin and Jerry Lee chose Cedar Hall for their wedding because style and rustic charm was important to them, and this venue is one of the best for it! It was a lovely day with exceptional weather, and these two had the charm and joy to make it all come together wonderfully!

They enjoyed a beautiful ceremony on the lawn at Cedar Hall followed by their reception in the stables with our own Jared Stanfield lighting up the night with his DJ skills. Jared said that their guests were very excited to be there and were very responsive to all of the music that he played that night - of course Erin and Jerry Lee made sure to include some their all-time favorites which Jared played to a fun-loving crowd.

Our friend Kevin Barre brought his photo talents in full-blown fashion and made sure to capture all of their special moments in the way only he can. Our friend Carol Johnson from Cedar Hall tied everything and everyone together wonderfully, and the Garden District provided the wonderful florals.

Thanks to Erin and Jerry Lee for making this weekend extra special for us, and for letting us be a part of your wedding celebration!

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