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Mr & Mrs Ryan Bates | St Louis Catholic Church | May 21, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Mr & Mrs Ryan Bates - Memphis, TN

It was so easy to plan Ryan wedding day! This guys was always on top of every email, phone call, text, you name it! He really wanted every detail to be handled with care, and thanks to his attentiveness, we certainly did!

DJ Jonathan Simpson made sure that all feet were on the dance floor, and with the types of music that these two requested, it was easy to see that it was going to be a great party. Everything went so well, and as you can see from the picture included with this post, they were pretty darn happy with the outcome.

Ryan and Catherine chose Holly Hardin help with all of the festivities, and just as she always does, it all came together very well. Katie Norrid was there to catch every great moment on film, and the crew at St Louis Catholic Church was vey helpful in making their wedding day details fall into place nicely.

Thanks to Ryan and Catherine for allowing us to be there to make sure everyone had a great time on their big day! Best wishes to you both!

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