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Kaitlyn & Josh Ambuehl | Woodland Hills Grand Ballroom | June 17, 2016

Jimmy with Kaitlyn & Josh Ambuehl - Woodland Hills

This wedding was a blast! First, we had the entire run of the majestic grand ballroom of Woodland Hills at our disposal. We started the evening off with a great slidehsow presentation for everyone to enjoy. It featured pictures of Kaitlyn & Josh growing up and it really pulled the tears from your eyes.

Our stellar team of wedding pros including Michael Doyle of Lynn Doyle Flowers (who, by the way, provided flowers AND day of direction for our lovely bride), the dynamic duo that is Elsy Photography, Cakes by Carolyn, world-renowned makeup artist Kasey Acuff, Shelby of 22 Magnolias, Elegant Chair Solutions and Hot Shots Photo Booth. The wonderful Cindy Dodd of Woodland Hills was also there to make sure that all of the loose ends were tied up nicely.

Our guests, as well as our bride and groom, enjoyed an elegant evening of dining and dancing, and we just gave it all we had! Luckily they were wide open to receive all of the goodness that Kaitlyn and Josh had laid out for them. And on top of everything else, I had the opportunity to see one of my favorite DeepBlu brides, Mrs. Angel Snodgrass (see below).

It was a real honor to be a part of their wedding day, and the happiness that we had planned for was glowing from their faces the whole evening. A really great couple with big hearts!

Jimmy with Mrs. Angel Snodgrass

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