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Rachel & Steven Williams | Cedar Hall | July 16, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Rachel & Steven Williams - Cedar Hall

Two things that really stand out about Rachel and Steven: they both are extremely caring people who adore each other and they both enjoy a good time. These two things coming together on a big day like this were a match made in heaven - just like Rachel and Steven!

Their big day started early in the morning on July 16th with Rachel and Steven preparing for the big night ahead. Cedar Hall was like it usually is on any given Saturday, all abuzz with staff getting the grounds ready, flowers being arranged, cakes being dropped off and placed in their respective areas and all sorts of other wedding pros getting this beautiful venue ready for a great wedding experience!

With the Cedar Hall garden being the starting point, their ceremony began with several family and friends watching as these two recited their vows to each other, flanked by beautiful flowers provided by Lynn Doyle Flowers and Events. DeepBlu's Jonathan Simpson took care of all of the great music for the evening, and photographer Courtney Ritchey was on the scene to capture every breathtaking moment, taking great care to grab the most precious of them for our bride and groom to share for years to come.

Their reception followed in the stables, and all guests enjoyed the great cuisine provided by Cedar Hall. Following dinner, their cake cutting took place without injury (haha), provided by Mad Lily Cakery. Madi Z made sure that all of the girls looked their best with make up skills to die for.

With the help of our friend, Carol Johnson of Cedar Hall, every detail was handled with flair and elegance. We always enjoy our experiences here at thei venue, and the staff just makes it extra special!

Thanks to Rachel and Steven for allowing us to be a part of their big day's festivities. We hope you had as much fun doing it and we did planning it and performing at it :)

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