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Toni & Mark Goss | Heartwood Hall | July 16, 2016

Jimmy with Toni & Mark Goss - Heartwood Hall

Toni and Mark got married at Heartwood Hall, renown for its beauty, spaciousness and popularity, surrounded by their families and friends. Even from the moment that their ceremony prelude started, it was easy to tell that this night was going to be magical!

They chose most of their "must play" music from a multitude of generations, and it all fit just perfectly. Every guest, young and old, enjoyed their favorite music, and Toni and Mark allowed me to read he crowd and just go with it. It worked so well that our dance floor was busy with lots of guests no matter their age.

To say that their wedding celebration was flawless would be an understatement. Of course, I am in no way taking any of the credit. It all starts with a great bride and groom and only a team effort with great friends in our wedding industry could put the icing on the cake. Friends like Elizabeth Looney on photo, Frost Bake Shop, Holliday's Flowers and the outstanding staff at Heartwood!

Our hearts were kept warm not by the heat of the day but by the love and energy that Toni and Mark have. It was a superb day of happiness and celebration, and I thank them SO much for letting me be a part of it!

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