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Callie & Brian Bauleke | The Columns, Downtown Memphis | September 10, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Callie & Brian Bauleke - The Columns, Downtown Memphis

The moment we first started working with Callie and Brian Bauleke, we fell in love with them! As a couple, they have a great sense of humor to keep everyone smiling and delighted all day long. Callie has classiness and style in abundance and is capable of lighting up an entire room with her spirit. She is Brian’s best friend as well as new wife. The bride’s determination to host a smooth and pleasant wedding was enviable. She had the support and motivation of Brian to get things going in every way.

The Big Wedding

Everything about Callie and Brian’s wedding was “Big”. The ceremony was hosted at The Columns in Downtown Memphis. The location is as grand as its name. The space is surrounded by huge columns, it has double level ballrooms and ceilings that are 3 stories high. The location was very opulent, and this particular event looked like a royal affair. The Columns is a stunning venue that portrays a rich environment with timeless interiors that would be ideal for any wedding. Music at The Columns flows amazingly, too. This made DJ Jared Stanfield’s job very simple.

The Memories

In the city, all florists and photographers love to work at The Columns. Flower arrangements were handled by Lynn Doyle Flowers & Events. The wedding reception was photographed by Russell Hays. He is a pioneer when it comes to classy and elegant photo shoots. Brian and Callie didn’t want to stop with just photography. They wanted a video of their wedding memories and opted to choose Sami Sue Studios as their videographer. Sami Sue is a leading videographer in the industry with many beautiful wedding videos in her catalog.

SomeTthings Make Weddings Complete

Author Sofia Ann always believes that “your wedding cake is just as important as your wedding buffet”. Wedding receptions become complete with the right mix of cakes and sweets. Callie and Brian knew this and ordered cakes for their ceremony from Frost Bake Shop, specializing in all types of cakes from fondant to waffle delights. Bakers at Frost knew what Callie wanted and they didn’t fail to meet her requirements. The cake was made to perfection.

The Bride's Look Made The Event

Callie wanted a very personal wedding reception. Everything she choose was close to the heart and special. She handpicked Anna Bearman for makeup and Simply Delicious Catering for food. Anna Bearman did a great job with Callie’s look and kept a traditional look and got exactly what Callie wanted.

The Day!

The entire wedding reception was beautiful and lavish. It didn't take much for Jared to help make people get up and groove. Thanks to Callie and Brian, we were the ones who were there to help make it as magical as it could possibly be. God bless you both! We can't wait to see what your future holds for you other than the good times you have already created for yourselves.

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