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Meagan & Trent Erwin | Heartwood Hall | February 27, 2016

DJ Jared Stanfield with Meagan and Trent Erwin

Meagan always made sure that our lines of communication were open and the info was free-flowing. It made everything so easy for us to plan and execute one great wedding on February 27th at Heartwood Hall.

They had a splendid ceremony complete with a guitar player and singers, and it was just out of this world! Of course, working at Heartwood is always a treat, and the good folks there make it easy to pull Meagan & Trent's wishes perfectly! Anderson Shore Photography was there to capture their special moments, BettsMade Florist made the beautiful arrangements, Kipp Cakes provided the (like we have to say haha), Lynn Productions filmed their special day, and our good buddy Kasey Acuff made sure that Meagan and her bridesmaids were all beautiful for their big photo opps.

DeepBlu's Jared Stanfield was their DJ, and he, made sure to include some words of his own when he told me, “I was fortunate enough to be a part of a beautiful ceremony set in the rustic barn at Heartwood Hall. A picturesque candlelit altar, featuring the musical talents of family members during the unity sand moment, made for a perfect place for Trent and Meagan to seal their vows. Following the ceremony, an energetic and joyous group a family and guests made the celebration a night to remember. The fun loving, caring, and light hearted nature of the Erwins was evident in the air of the reception. Their unique personalities, paired with a friends and family members supporting nature, kept the energy and vibe of the night for hours on end.”

Thank you, Meagan and Trent Erwin for letting us be a part of your wonderful journey together!

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