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Suzanne & Curry Lee | 409 South Main Street | March 19, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Suzanne & Curry Lee

The excitement that Suzanne and Curry had leading up to their wedding day was infectious. With every single communication, you could literally feel the joy radiating from Suzanne as we planned her wedding day's music and formalities. All she wanted was a fun time, and she got it!

These two had a LOT of people at their reception, too. Every square inch of 409 South Main had someone's foot on it, and that made for a great party! Upstairs, downstairs, even the third level had guests mixing, mingling, talking and enjoying the evening with each other. I pulled out all the stops and created them one of the most original cocktail/dinner mixes I have ever performed. I knew that a more upbeat mix of music would work with these folks since they entered the venue laughing and projecting a very strong positive energy.

It was nice to see some familiar faces there among the guest list and I even got to work with another friend, Jake Morrow, who was their photographer. Jake's straightforward approach to his job is always nice to work with, and we definitely worked well together for this special night. Cakes by RiRi provided their wedding cake and Cindy Krag Catering provided the delicious dinner complete with some Memphis-made favorites. Make up artist Kasey Acuff made the ladies look their best like she always does!

This wedding reception, simply put, was an easy one for me. The guests did not want to stop dancing, and it seemed as if anything I played worked. This was the kind of event that pretty much ran itself, aside from the main formalities that Jake and I coordinated together.

We ended the evening on a high note just as it began, and Suzanne and Curry walked away from it all smiles. It was an honor to be a part of this day with them, and I sincerely hope that this is not the last I see them. A very nice couple with a deep love for each other all the way! Thanks to you both for letting me be your DJ. It was a blast!

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