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Jennifer & Michael Parker | Cedar Hall | May 13, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Jennifer & Michael Parker - Cedar Hall - Memphis, TN

Jennifer and Michael are two really special people. They are two of the nicest people you could ever want to meet, and they are simply perfect for each other!

They enjoyed their wedding day at Cedar Hall and it was a nice day to do it! It is always nice to work with our good friend, Carol Johnson at Cedar Hall, and she always makes our job so easy! Their ceremony was held on the beautiful lawn at Cedar Hall, they enjoyed cocktails by the big house and everyone moved into the stables to kick off the reception.

Everyone enjoyed some great food and dancing, and it seemed like every song was everyone's favorite song. A very easy crowd to perform for since they came to have a great time! It was a real pleasure to be a part of this big day in Jennifer and Michael's lives, and it could not have been better. The whole event was a blast!

Thanks to Jennifer and Michael for making my weekend extra special! This is the reason I love my job! I get to help make special memories that last a lifetime! God bless you both!

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