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Downtown Memphis Wedding with Angel & Payton Snodgrass

One of the most beautiful wedding venues in Memphis was where Angel and Payton Snodgrass spent day one of their brand new journey together. Their ceremony and reception at The Cadre Building was beautiful AND lots of fun! Payton and Angel were outside with our photographers Jenn andBen Black of Snap Happy Photography and made the comment to his bride, "All you need is a halo around your head and you will be a REAL Angel - but that's just me". No, Payton I think the rest of us would agree with you, too ;) Our crowd never lacked something fun to do with some great music and a photo booth from Hotshots Photobooth.

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Snodgrass for allowing me to be your DJ for your big day! I hope you had a blast just like I did!

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