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Hiring your friend to DJ your wedding to save money - what to expect

We here at DeepBlu understand very well the value of saving money. I have discovered over the years that the more I know about what I am trying to achieve for our business the better off I am. Not only can I save money by doing everything myself, I enjoy acquiring new skills. I am a "serial learner" and always have been - I can't help it. However sometimes doing everything myself and going the DIY route isn't always the best move.

I won't sugar coat it - weddings are expensive. Being able to cut corners is important to your bottom line. However, when you are examining where the corners should be cut, it is important to keep the concept of what a wedding actually IS in perspective.

Always remember that your wedding is a "one time only" event. You only have one shot to get it right. With this in mind, why would you count on someone other than a pure professional to handle any aspect of it? Just like those beautiful flowers and that exquisite cuisine that you enjoyed at your tasting, the person whom you choose to DJ your affair is of equal importance.

Yes, anyone (literally) could program an iPod and let it run while your guests dance. Anyone with a laptop could theoretically DJ the event all night. But when those announcements need to be made, who will do them? An iPod certainly can't. The person running that laptop possibly could. If anyone other than a pro is handling this aspect for you, he should certainly thoroughly rehearse every word before the big day. But what if this person gets too busy at work to practice? I don't know about you, but this sounds like there are way too many variables for my comfort.

The component that a professional DJ brings to the table, other than their knowledge of music, artists and timing, is his or her ability to "host" your event for you. The host is a living, breathing human being who knows the ins and outs of the wedding scenario, understands that timing is as important as what is being said, and has a keen sense of what is happening around him while he is doing something else.

It is in our nature to assume that something is easy to do when we see a professional do it. The guy that installed window tint on my wife's car made it look easy. So easy in fact that I tried it on my own car. It was a colossal disaster - much much harder than the pro made it look. Needless to say, I took my own car back to him, and within 30 minutes - and a lot less wasted window tint - my car looked amazing.

In the end, whatever makes you feel more comfortable and makes you happy is what matters. Do yourself and all of your wedding guests a favor and keep every wedding aspect in perspective. Ask around to see what others have experienced with their own DIY efforts to see if it's worth it to take that chance for yourself. If not, just contact a true wedding professional. I guarantee that you have options out the wazoo ;)

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