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Meghan & Zach Harrison - July 18, 2015 at Spring Creek Ranch

Meghan and Zach are a fun couple - and they brought a lot of fun people with them to their wedding reception this past Saturday at Spring Creek Ranch! Even though it was hot outside, it did not stop 99% of their guests from dancing. Once their final few photographs were taken out on the greens, they and their guests joined together to make this one amazing event! Meghan's parents, Jim & Lynn Webb, even enjoyed a full night of groovin' on the dance floor.

It was easy to gauge how responsive their crowd was going to be right off the bat. A few of their guests came and visited me at the DJ booth and told me what big music fans they were and gave me some suggestions into their musical tastes. Not only was it all great music that they were asking for, I played all of it throughout the evening. Meghan's uncle Jeff showed us how he and Meghan loved to swing dance, and we even had one of their grandmothers on the floor showing everyone how she knew how to "Whip" AND "Ne-Ne"!

We ended the evening with a fantastic sparkler send-off - that is. right after every guest gave a little "boo" when they found out that the party was over. They still wanted to keep going! As a wedding DJ, that's what you want to hear when its time to stop......."Boo!! Play another song!" LOL

Thanks to Toni Williams & Tia Freeman and the entire staff at Spring Creek, Evin & Bethany of Evin Photography (from Franklin, TN) and especially to Meghan and Zach for making us a part of such a special night!

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