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Shelby & Kyle Day - The Cadre Building August 8, 2015

Saturday night at Memphis' famous Cadre Building was the setting of an amazing couple's wedding day – Shelby & Kyle Day! Their ceremony, of course, was beautiful on the grand steps of the vast and columned room. Their guests enjoyed all kinds of great music, and both Kyle and Shelby requested some really excellent song selections.

Shelby looked stunning in her bridal gown, and her bridesmaids were the perfect complement to her amazing presence on her wedding night. Kyle was dashing, of course, in his perfectly put together tuxedo. One look at the picture included here will tell you that they are one good-lookin' couple! With big hearts and stellar personalities like theirs, it's just the icing on the cake! All of this splendor (with flowers provided by Lynn Doyle Flowers) was captured by our buddy photographer Rick Grainger.

DeepBlu Entertainment's Justin Jaggers was their entertainer & host, and he said that this wedding was an easy one for him since these two were so nice, responsive and accommodating. I also enjoyed every interaction I had with Shelby every step of the planning process. She was quick to respond and open to any ideas that were proposed to her.

You two could have chosen anyone in the world to entertain you and your guests, but you chose us! What an amazing honor it was to be the ones they chose! God bless you both on this new life path together.

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