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Tia Clorina 18th Birthday Party/Debutante Ball - Colonial Country Club August 8, 2015

Tia Clorina with the evening's entertainer & host, DeepBlu's Jared Stanfield

Happy birthday to Tia Clorina! Her 18th birthday party/debutante ball was held this past Saturday at Colonial Country Club, hosted by DeepBlu's own Jared Stanfield. The classic quinceañera was the inspiration for her celebration, filled with all of the wonderful formalities that make a quinceañera special.

Tia looked stunning in her debutante gown, which made her stand out among even the snappiest dresser at this ultra-formal affair. She enjoyed a packed house full of her family and friends, listening to some of today's best hits with some classic favorites mixed in.

I was especially impressed with Tia from the first email I received from her. She is extremely cordial and a very intelligent young lady. I told her from the start that we wanted her special day to be as perfect as it could possibly be, and I asked her to make sure to give me as much information as she could so we could be as prepared as possible – I knew that it wasn't going to be a standard quinceañera since there were elements of a debutante ball mixed in. She delivered an impressive amount of detail for our reference and was always there to discuss any information we required. With the way that she carries herself and her sweet demeanor, I know that her parents, Elmer and Bing, are extremely proud of her.

Thanks again, Tia! We really appreciate your allowing us to help make your celebration an amazing event to remember for years to come!

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