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Eden & Joe Wilson - Cedar Hall October 3, 2015

Jimmy with Eden & Joe Wilson (photo courtesy of Kevin Barre Photography)

Just look at these two. OK now that you've seen the picture, what do YOU think they are like? If you guessed funny, cool, laid back and spontaneous, you are close. Take all that and multiply it times 22 and you got it!

First, their ceremony was just about as nice as you can get. Eden is the sweet, yet edgy bride with a huge heart. Joe is the super cool guy that has everything under control. If this combination of two people doesn't result in a winning combo, nothing does!

Both ceremony and reception were held at Cedar Hall, and our friend Carol coordinated the whole thing. Carol is all business with a sugar sweet edge. Nothing gets past her, and she makes sure that nothing got past US.

Eden and Joe enjoyed a full blown, fun reception with all the trimmings. Every second of the celebration was captured by photog supreme, Mr. Kevin Barre, who was assisted by his daughter and photo protegee, Sarah. The music and presence of the evening was just accentuated by Eden's fun-loving spirit and Joe's no-nonsense "let's get it done" good guy charm.

ALL of us had fun, no matter what role we played in the evening's festivities. Great friends and family, great food, great times. All in all, a wedding day that everyone that attended will remember for a while!

Eden and Joe are both two unforgettable folks in the history of our company's success, and I am quite sure that the relationship that was forged at their wedding day will endure for a long time. Thank you both for letting us be a part of your celebration! Love you guys!

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