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Rae Lyn & Shane Rushing - Robinson Gallery October 10, 2015

Wedding jitters, butterflies in the stomach and excitement filled the air on October 10 2015 as Shane and Rae Lyn Rushing finally tied the knot. On that fine and fateful day, they decided that it was the perfect time to start their journey to infinity and beyond.

As Rae Lyn walked down the aisle, everyone’s eyes were on her as she walked down the aisle in her beautiful white wedding gown provided by The Barefoot Bride. Everyone was on their feet as the couples meet at the end of it in all smiles and amazement as to how perfect everything felt. All the hard work that took both of them (along with friends and family) months to organize, all the sleepless nights and the other preparations melted away as they took each other’s hands and swept each other off their feet.

Held at the Jack Robinson Gallery, it was an amazing sight to see how these two love birds finally kissed the past of their singlehood goodbye and said hello to the future that they will share together. This Memphis wedding is quite special especially to the people that loved Shane and Rae Lyn through the years. Their first dance as husband and wife gave everyone the chills all thanks to the amazing DJ Justin Jaggers. Even the guests grooved to the music as Justin played songs that suited every generation that was present that day.

To remember their wedding day for years to come, Cathy Colborn made sure to capture every precious moment, from every look, every smile and every kiss the couple took up to the teary smiles of their amazing guests. As the party went on, everyone enjoyed diving into Gigi's Cupcakes, they all thought that it was happiness on a cupcake for everyone smiled and enjoyed eating it along with the rest of the food that was catered that day.

Everyone had a blast on Shane and Rae Lyn’s big day as the couple and their guests danced like there was no tomorrow. All eyes were on them as they took their first kiss which made some of their guests make a quick grab for a tissue.

Shane and Rae Lyn knew that this day was only the beginning of something better, that there is something far greater in stored for them in the future. They simply have to face it together from this day forward until death do they part.

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