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Wendy & Brandel Greer | Mallard's Croft | October 24, 2015

DJ Ryan Clay with Wendy & Brandel Greer

Wendy and Brandel share a special kind of love that is very hard to find. They have been together for a while, yet the spark of the same love that people that just start dating each other is alive and kicking between these two. Both are a lot of fun and their wedding day was just as fun!

DJ Ryan Clay hosted this event on their big day and was blessed to have a great playlist to work with - courtesy of the bride and groom. Wendy's mom, Glenda, was on the job helping Wendy plan her wedding dream and worked right alongside us to make sure that everything was just perfect!

May times we have the chance to be a part of someone's wedding day and many times they are a lot of fun, but Wendy and Brandel's wedding day had all of the elements of the best weddings ever - with a little bit of the rustic, country element mixed in.

Thanks to Wendy, Brandel, Glenda and all of the great people that helped make this day extra special for these two great folks! The road ahead looks clear from here ;)

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