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Whitney & Whitney Tyler - Pembroke Rooftop, Memphis, TN - October 24, 2015

Whitney & Whitney Tyler with DeepBlu Entertainment DJ Justin Jaggers

photo courtesy of Rob Lyons Photography

We first met Whitney at a bridal fair last year, and from the get-go, DJ Justin Jaggers was to be their DJ. Justin and Whitney both insisted that it be that way, so let it be so!

Whitney and Whitney were married at the Pembroke Building in Downtown Memphis on October 24th, and it was a night to remember! First, these two love to have fun, so making sure that the music was flowing all night was a high priority. Justin took care of the crowd with a great set list provided by Whitney Squared, and he had some freedom to do what he does best.

Whitney was a sight to behold in her beautiful wedding gown, and her sight was beheld by upber-pro wedding photog, Mr. Rob Lyons (he's a lot of fun to work with, too!). Frost supplied the show-stopping cake goodness, and with a little logistical help from our coordinator, Belinda, it was as easy as it could be to make sure everyone had a great time!

We wish these two Whitneys the best on their amazing road ahead. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your first day in the history of the Tylers!

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