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Christine & Collin Baxter - Robinson Gallery November 7, 2015

Saturday night at the Robinson Gallery was the scene of a wedding for two very awesome people – Christine and Collin Baxter! Both of them were about as easy as two people could be with wedding planning. They had quite a few ideas to share and were open to any ones we had along the way.

Christine looked amazing in her bridal gown, which complemented Collin's tux to a “T”. As you can see in the pic included, they were smiling from ear to ear, enjoying every second of their wedding day celebration to the fullest. Wedding day jitters seemed almost on-existent, and THAT is what happiness does for ya!

Christine and Collin enjoyed their good ol' Memphis wedding with one of our best DJs, Jared Stanfield. Jared said that he had a nice responsive crowd of partygoers that were jumping at the chance to get on the dance floor. Both bride and groom selected songs from their personal favorites and decided to do away with traditional line dances. From the way that the crowd was responding to the music Jared was playing, they weren't even necessary. Good stuff!

As for the talented vendors that Jared had the pleasure to work with, they were among the finest in town: Kasey Acuff did Christine's makeup, Olivia Bursey helped store the flowers, Panini Catering provided the amazing eats, Crystal Gray worked her magic behind the lens with Elizabeth Woody second shooting (they both allowed Christine's sister and photog, Lizz Hoard, to jump in there even though she was encouraged NOT to work while attending as Matron of Honor LOL), and Elaine Clayton was their hairstylist.

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Baxter, for letting us make your wedding day have that extra pop! Every moment was a treat!

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