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The PERFECT Wedding Day Experience - From a DJ's Point of View

A lot of the professionals in our industry like to focus on making every wedding day experience perfect for their clients. Of course, that is THE outcome that everyone tries to achieve. However, take a visit to the flip side and take a peek into your favorite wedding vendors' heads and get an idea of what THEIR perfect wedding day would be like. If you are a wedding DJ, your perfect day may look something like this:


I pulled up to the venue this afternoon, and the load-in area was completely clear of all vehicles and personnel. I had either just missed someone loading in, or I got here just in time before the next vendor showed up. I hurriedly loaded all of my equipment into the venue and moved my car for the next vendor to use it.

As I started to set everything up, I was pleased to see that I was among some other wedding pros that I am very close to. It's always great to work with professional people that I know and can work with easily. I finished my set up with everything looking and sounding great. A great start to my event!

We began our ceremony with all of our guests walking in smiling as they found their seats. Once the prelude began, the music drifted through the venue and sounded amazing. Our bridal party proceeded down the aisle gracefully, followed by our bride who looked beautiful in her white gown. She walked up to the altar where she met her prince, and the ceremony began.

Throughout the ceremony, everyone could hear the minister well – even in the back. All of our microphones worked perfectly, and the music that the bride and groom chose was perfect for their wedding.

Guests then began to file into the reception area where they were met with light appetizers and the bride and groom's signature drink. Everyone was delighted with the sights, sounds and flavors that they were experiencing.

Everyone found their seats, then the bride and groom were introduced, walked into the room to the cheers of all of their guests, and began their first dance. Both of them were aglow with the excitement of the day, and everyone stopped what they were doing to soak up the energy that the bride and groom were projecting from the dance floor. The bride then danced with her dad followed by the groom with his mom. Everyone shared these families' joy while watching them dance together. It was magnificent!

Immediately after, the bride, groom, and their families & friends enjoyed a delicious meal served by one of the best caterers in town. The service was great, and dinner ran very smoothly because of it. Once dinner was over, the bride and groom moved over to the cake table and cut their cake, smashed a bit of it into each others' faces, everyone laughed, and their photographer and videographer caught some awesome images and footage of the scene.

Once our dance floor opened up, it was packed all night long. I played something for everyone, young and old, and the energy that I was giving them was given right back to me. The bride and groom did their bouquet and garter tosses and were joined by several single friends. After that, the dance floor opened back up, and we continued our beautiful positive energy exchange all evening long, and the party lasted until the very last minute.

The bride and groom then told me they were ready to leave, so I encouraged everyone to line up outside and grab their sparklers, which they did (and they ALL lit them outside haha). Our couple then did a quick jog through the line of guests and stopped for a quick kiss and the last great photo opp of the evening. Then they got into their vehicle and sped off into the night.


Believe it or not, EVERY wedding experience can be just like this. I wonder what other wedding pros would say that THEIR perfect wedding day experience would be like? Please share and comment. Thanks for reading!

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