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Kristyn & Ted Lyons | Cedar Hall | January 2, 2016

Justin Jaggers with Kristyn & Ted Lyons

The first thing that Justin told me about this wedding was, “During their ceremony, there wasn't a dry eye in the house”. This was proof of a statement that Kristyn had made to me a while back - “our family is very very close”. With the way their ceremony was received, apparently that was indeed the case.

Kristyn and Ted held their wedding at Cedar Hall in Bartlett, one of the most unique venues in the area – perfect for the type of wedding that they wanted. Everything was elegantly designed and handled by the staff there, so the atmosphere was perfect for them.

Justin said that once the ceremony was over and the tears subsided, everything went just about as smoothly as it possibly could have. He had a ton of folks there that were very into the music and the energy, and it was especially nice to be a part of this wedding since Kristyn in the sister to one of our own Djs, Mr. Ryan Clay. Ryan's wife, Natalie, was also Kristyn's matron of honor :)

Such a nice couple with an extremely evident amount of love and togetherness between the two of them. Everything tied together very well, especially since Kristyn decided to leave most of the details up to us. Of course, this is something that Justin does so well all the time, most people just let him do his thing.

Justin had the opportunity to work with some of our favorite vendors that evening too: Rob Lyons of Rob Lyons Photography, Lynn Doyle Flowers & Events and cake by Miss Muff'n. Our beloved Carol Johnson of Cedar Hall was the coordinator for the night.

Thanks, Kristyn and Ted! You were a joy before and during your wedding, and we really appreciate your allowing us to be there on day #1 of your new life together!


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