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Genre and Ashley Bone | Annesdale Mansion | March 25, 2016

Genre & Ashley Bone in the garden of Annesdale Mansion

Two of the most colorful characters I have met in a long time were married on March 25th at Annesdale Mansion with their friends and families in attendance. It was easy to predict that there would not be a single dull moment at this particular event, especially with the full spectrum of personalities that Genre and Ashley both have. These are two delightful people with an immeasurable amount of love for each other. Also it was hard to find anyone there that night that didn't love these two like family, even if they weren't actual members of their families.

The love that these two have for each other is almost reckless. I cannot think of another word that appropriately describes the amount of love that they share since it is worthy of a finely crafted Hollywood film, so we will just go with that. What really matters here is that they respect and protect each other in a way that many other couples strive to achieve. It was definitely in the air on this occasion, and even their guests seemed to share it - and right there to capture all of these special moments were Jenn & Ben Black of Snap Happy Photography.

The evening consisted of many different ways their guests could enjoy themselves, from the tantalizing menu to the belly dancers during the reception. I even had the opportunity to work with Abbey Harris, my daughter and owner of Picture Perfect Photo Booth. Valerie and Angel of Annesdale Mansion held everything together as they always do, and they made sure that the entire evening ran as smoothly as it possibly could.

It was a great evening of love and fun, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my Friday evening than with these two and their families and friends! May you both enjoy all that is beautiful and perfect in your new life together, and thank you for letting us all be a part of it!

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