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Leslie & Chris Luss | The Quonset | March 24, 2016

Jimmy with Leslie & Chris Luss

Leslie and Chris chose The Quonset in Collierville for their wedding reception on March 24th, and with all things considered, it was the perfect venue for the evening's festivities! I had the honor of entertaining them at their reception due to their wedding planner, Vanessa Roc-Cantave with Varoca Weddings from Boynton Beach, Florida, reaching out to us. Vanessa had a very hands-on approach to their wedding, closely communicating all of their needs and specifics from day one. She was easily reachable every step of the way, and as we all know, that is a MUST when you are planning a wedding.

We had guests attending from all over the country with all kinds of musical tastes. As the event ran along, I was paying close attention to what they were responding to, and from what I gathered I was hitting all the marks. It doesn't take too long to discover what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong as long as you DO pay attention. They seemed to enjoy what I was giving them during the cocktail hour, so making sure that the rest of the event was going to be a success completely relied on the initial intel. From Stevie Wonder to R. Kelly, it all worked very well.

Leslie and Chris were very nice to me, and they had a room full of people who were just as nice. Young and old enjoyed the music whether they were sitting, standing or dancing. I even had a few people ask me if we traveled, which of course I responded, “Yes!” A sure-fire sign that you are doing your job well haha

Draper's Catering made sure that everyone was fed well with a menu of some very good food, and the bride and groom's cake was provided by Oh My Ganache (clever name and DELICIOUS cake!). Everything was planned well, executed well and more than likely will be remembered well.

Thank you, Leslie and Chris, for letting me help make your Memphis wedding that much more fun. We worked hard to ensure that it would all be just like you wanted it to be. Luckily you were wise enough to hire the right team to make it all happen.

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